Leather trainers with hearts

Show the Love

* Written 20th August 2021 * Hello Cocorosers 💗How are you?Apologies for the lateness of my newsletter this week but we've been flat out with our ...

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Freedom Day and the Summer Heat

Cooling off

* Written 22nd July 2021 * Hello Cocorosers 💗How are you?Hopefully you've cooled off a few degrees just by looking at this picture! I've found tha...

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Women's white leather star trainers

Sharing Our Design Process

* Written 10th June 2021 * Hello Cocorosers 💗How are you?I thought it would be interesting to share with you a little bit of the design process th...

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Woven leather loafers for women

NEW IN + Your Summer Footwear

* Written 27th May 2021 * Hello Cocorosers 💗How are you?This time last year, according to my Google Photos, the weather was properly summer and El...

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