About Cocorose London

Considerately Designed for Smart Lifestyles

Hello and welcome to Cocorose London.

Way back in 2007, our Founder Janan invented the foldable shoe concept to liberate women from painful high heels.

As a young professional living in London, Janan's daily commute in heels proved to be an incredibly uncomfortable and impractical challenge, not to mention the subsequent painful office hours that ensued.

By the age of 26, she had had enough and so she obstinately sought a solution and set out to create shoes that were comfortable, stylish and easy to fold away into her handbag when (and if) she would need to wear heels.

Following our launch, we won lots of awards and gained a lot of press coverage from all over the world. Over the years, we have continued to pioneer the foldable shoe space and we now also offer a sumptuous range of flats.

Our award-winning brand is stocked in beautiful stores internationally, regularly seen in the press and worn by influential women all around the world.

We also hold collaborations with iconic British brands including The Royal Ballet and The British Academy of Film and Television Arts.

By seamlessly fusing function, high style and the ultimate in comfort, we have fast become the cult, go-to footwear brand for strong, on-the-go women and our mission to accommodate a 21st century lifestyle remains completely unwavering.

Reducing our Carbon Impact.

Creating any product or service that is eco-friendly is always challenging, and perhaps it should be. Since day one, without really consciously thinking about it, we have tried to 'tread lightly' on this planet. We continue to critique the materials we use, the creation process, how we move our designs and ourselves around. But in 2021, we partnered with Ecologi to help this small business have a bigger impact. On our behalf, Ecologi will plant One Tree for Every Order placed with us, even if it's just for one face mask. Of course, this is not the end of our sustainability journey - just another beginning - but trees are so critical in the battle to prevent ecological collapse. 
The reforestation projects that we are helping to contribute to with Ecologi are in Southern Mozambique, run by ‘The Eden Reforestation Projects’ and on the Island of Madagascar - with the replanting of mangrove trees recently destroyed by deforestation. The replanting of millions of trees are also contributing much needed work for local communities. #StepByStep

Meet Janan Leo, Founder and Designer of Cocorose London