Natural Wax Candles

Explore our range of luxury, Natural Wax Candles. Each candle is so proudly hand-made and hand-poured for you right in the heart of Muswell Hill, London and is made only in small batches so as to ensure our excellent quality. We only use a natural and sustainable blend of coconut and rapeseed wax, giving you a pure, clean and long lasting burn.  
  • Locally Handpoured

    Individually hand-crafted, just a stones throw from Cocorose HQ, in Muswell Hill, London. 
  • Clean Ingredients

    Our Coconut and Rapeseed wax blend means less nasties, so you can breath deep without worry.
  • Long Lasting Burn

    An unbleached cotton and linen wick ensures a slow and steady burn, of up to 50+ hours.

The Buzz

The Buzz Natural Wax Candle, launched this season. Help us support The Honeypot Children's Charity, as we've pledged to donate 10% of every sale to this incredible charity, aiding young carers who need it the most.

Your Special Moments

" Absolutely love the smell of this candle! I have it burning in my office as I write this review and it gives a gorgeous scent to the space! Cannot wait to try the others, the quality of this candle is so amazing and delivery was super speedy! "

R. Jones

" Cocorose always produce fantastic quality products and they certainly haven’t disappointed with their new candle range. Well done, I will be purchasing more for gifts for friends and family. "

Susan D.

" Cocorose is such a lovely company. Everything they do is wonderful and this candle is no exception. The smell is divine and I love the look of it too. Thank you. As always. "

Jane D.

" It is the perfect candle for this time of year - it will make your house feel smell like a warm cosy home. "

Caroline E.

" Love the product, absolute quality. I was also very impressed with the prompt international delivery. I will look to purchase again soon. "

Lian N.

" Such a great candle - beautiful scent, - and lovely packaging. "

Sue B.

" Evening Jasmine was the favorite of mine out of the three candles I ordered from Cocorose. The other two were English Lavender & Sea Salt and Lime, Basil and Mandarin. - I would like to thank Cocorose for excellent service. Thank you so much. "

Elina S.

" Just ordered more of these, I get so many people ask when they come to my house so have now also started buying as gifts - just delicious! Like nothing else out there. Very luxurious, and quite addictive actually ;-) "

Jo W.


The Importance of Handcrafted

Since the beginning, we've always been passionate about supporting traditional artists and makers, as with our hand-lasted Leather Flats and Trainers, which are meticulously individually handcrafted. Therefore we wanted our new range of Natural Wax Candles to be just the same, collaborating with local artisans to bring our design vision to life. We work closely with our wonderful hand-poured candle maker, who is just as passionate about clean, natural ingredients as we are. 

With the workshop being situated in Muswell Hill, London, just a stones throw from Cocorose London HQ, we are always thrilled to receive the freshest batches of our candles, knowing that choosing local directly supports our community, alongside the wonderful artists that bring passion, dedication and unwavering enthusiasm to their craft.

Clean Wax Blend

To ensure a clean, steady burn, we chose a contemporary blend of sustainable rapeseed and coconut natural waxes. This makes our candles suitable for vegans and vegetarians alike - no animal products used.


Unique Wicks

Braided unbleached cotton wicks, interwoven with a linen thread were our first choice, making our candles last longer than paraffin and gel wicks due to their slow and steady burn. It also minimises afterglow and smoking, resulting in a clean, refined flame.

Stylish Finishes

All poured and set in our elegant, matt black glass containers. The perfect way to dress up your coffee table, kitchen counter or fireplace mantle, radiating a gentle glow throughout your space.


Gift Ideas for That Special Someone...

We are big believers in the art of gifting, finding the perfect present for that special someone, fit for any occasion. And we feel we've achieved just that with our wonderfully diverse selection of Natural Wax Candles. A scent range appealing to all, weather it be sweet and alluring, fresh and zingy, or relaxing zen, we have a candle for you. Our elegant and stylish packaging ensures they are ready to be gifted - with the power to renew and refresh any space!

They make an ideal present for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother's day, Valentine's day or just as a well deserved "Thank You" to that special someone. A truly thoughtful, unique and meaningful gift.

Mental Well-Being & Self Care

It's no secret that our daily habits play a huge role in our Mental Well-Being. Weather it be yoga, meditation, a hot bath, keeping a diary or nutritious eating, we all have our favourite ways to unwind at the end of a long day, bringing back focus to ourselves, our homes and our personal goals. 

One of the catalysts for bringing about our Natural Wax Candle range, was to aid our daily rituals, helping to bring your mind back to the present moment, to focus back in on you. You can be creative with "zoning" various areas in your home using our variety of unique scent profiles, depending on the story you want the space to tell. Energise your office with uplifting Lemongrass & Ginger, or create indulgent relaxation in your bedroom with English Lavender & Sea Salt - the perfect way to unwind and make room for well deserved Self Care.