Our Plant-Powered Kew Trainers: A Year in the Making, a Lifetime of Comfort

plant-powered and vegan kew trainers
Hello Cocorosers 💗

For many of you following our journey last year, you'll know that we spent the most part of 2023 intensely researching, developing and testing our pioneering collection of Plant-Powered and vegan Kew trainers, made with organic cactus leather and recycled cork soles 🌵I'm so incredibly proud that we launched our Passion Project in December - pretty much taking us an entire year to realise our vision and bring this hugely innovative and purpose-driven collection to life!

But the cherry on the top? To receive such stellar reviews from both you, our Cocorosers, and the Press is so exciting and rewarding 💗 Scroll down for more.

"Officially the most comfortable pair of trainers I've ever worn."
- Alice, first time Cocoroser and convert

Thank you, as ever, for your support and sending you lots of love,
Janan & Team Cocorose xx

why plant-powered trainers


In an era where we increasingly seek products with a greater purpose, our responsible, vegan sneaker range reflects our commitment to designing footwear that aligns with 21st century lifestyles and principles, helping to contribute to a more sustainable future.Our new collection supports the fashion industry's circular model, helps mitigate climate change and inspires us to make a difference and have a meaningful impact.

why cactus leather trainers


Cactus plants are eco-friendly superstars, showcasing remarkable sustainability. They absorb an impressive amount of carbon, regenerate the soil around them and are incredibly water efficient. Plus the plantations that we source the cacti from are all organic.

why hand-made trainers


Since 2007, we've always appreciated the art of hand-made footwear - a level of attention to detail that big, automated machines just cannot match. We make our Kew range in Portugal, working closely with our skilled shoemakers to source high quality materials and achieve the best results with our footwear range.We are renowned for comfort and our new, vegan range is no exception. With contoured and indulgently cushioned footbeds ensuring uncompromised comfort, durability and support, we finish with our rubber soles, injected with 30% recycled cork to provide a durable and supportive foundation for every step. 

cocorose london reviews


A beautiful selection of images sent in by our amazing Cocorosers with their Kew trainers.

Please send in your pictures or tag us on social @cocoroselondon!

velvet magazine talks about kew


"Resolved to lower your carbon footprint this year? Step out in a pair of Cocorose London's ingenious plant-based, planet-friendly Kew trainers. Featuring uppers made from organic cactus 'leather' and soles reconstituted from old wine corks, they come in both black and white with various contrasting trims."

Don’t hesitate to try them
First time wearing my Kew cactus trainers today . They felt a little snug at first and was concerned about the comfort . I needn’t have worried within half an hour I had almost forgotten I was wearing them . They are honestly the most comfortable trainers I’ve ever had I will definitely order more . Well done Cocorose
- Susan

The most comfortable trainers!
I recently got my hands on a pair of Cocorose trainers, and I'm hooked! They are incredibly comfortable, making it hard to go back to my usual brands. What I love most is their versatility – they effortlessly match both dresses and jeans. Plus, the fact that they're made from cactus leather adds a cool and sustainable touch. These trainers are a stylish and comfy game-changer, and I'm already thinking about getting another pair!
- Mampi

the eco news uk talks about cocorose london vegan trainers


"You don’t have to be vegan to want to adopt these trainers, particularly if you like to make planet-protecting lifestyle choices."

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