Watch the video above to hear why merging comfort and style is so important to Janan

We take comfort incredibly seriously but we also make sure that we marry comfort with beautiful design. Afterall, our Cocorosers are incredibly stylish - and busy - women!

Comfortable womens trainers - a cross-section of a Cocorose shoe showing unparalleled comfort

From the moment you step into your Cocorose shoes, your feet will be cushioned and cocooned in luxurious comfort. We don't make uncomfortable shoes that you need to spend days breaking into. We only use soft, supple leathers and materials to gently envelope your feet and ensure we minimise any seams so they don't press on sensitive joints.

We incorporate double cushioned insoles in all of our shoes to fully support the balls of your feet and your heels, imparting incredible padding and comfort.

We have a gently elasticated topline, finished with pillowed Achilles' heels to ensure softness and no pinching on the backs of your heels.

The Cocorose shoe outsole. Non-slip, fully flexible and durable. ladies comfort shoes

We spent months and months developing our special outer soles, which beautifully marry durability and flexibility. Our soles have a non-slip front disc and a sturdy, 8mm heel, ensuring that, importantly, you're not completely flat on the ground.

In some models, we've even got concealed wedge heels, giving an extra 1.5cm lift for even further comfort.

All of our shoes are designed for your every day and for wearing outdoors, to ensure that you have maximum comfort to keep you going on even your busiest days.