Everything matters, even the smallest of details. This has been our approach since the very beginning and has coursed through everything we have done since.


Our Partners

Gareth and Patrick

Since our inception in 2007, we’ve had a marathon of a journey – the highs and lows, the successes and the real challenges. But throughout everything, there has been a common thread, so strongly woven into our DNA, that has helped us to grow into who we are today. Our production Partners and the relationships that we hold with them all.

We’ve been working with our production teams for years; the same factories since the beginning. We’ve become good friends and have built strong, personal relationships, not just with the owners and their families, but with the teams as well. We visit often, whether it be to design the new collection or help with production, and they visit us here in London too. From the start, it was crucial to support our teams and ensure that they knew that we were there to help and this has continued over the years. Here's a picture of Gareth and Patrick enjoying a beer after a day of checking our production.

Our Quality

It goes without saying that we create and make with passion. We’re obsessed with the quality of our raw materials and the standards of our production.

That’s why each and every pair of our shoes are made by hand, one by one, by real people rather than by big, automated machines in soul-less factories. The amount of handwork is truly incredible.

All of our Cocorose shoes are made by hand, from start to finish

We source only the best leathers and materials for our shoes and then cut our patterns by hand, piece by piece, to create our uppers. Accessories such as our grosgrain bows are completely made from scratch by hand and gemstones are carefully hand-stitched into place. The needlework is amazing.

All of our leathers are cut by hand

To make shoes, you need a ‘last’ which is a form that has a shape similar to that of a human foot. The stitched uppers are then lasted to form the shoe. All of our shoes use the traditional hand-lasting method which is sadly being lost due to the competitive nature of the high street. But we believe in the human touch and spirit and that the feel of hand-lasting can’t be replicated by machines. We’re proud to continue to support our factories and their traditional techniques.

All of our Cocorose shoes are lasted by hand rather than by machines

 The Womens hand crafted Trainer Collection 

The Star Leather hand crafted Trainer Collection

The hand crafted Leather Flats Collection