Cocorose Luxury Foldable shoes - fold and go

We get asked this question a lot. Are Cocorose shoes designed just for swapping out of your heels when they start to pinch, or can you actually wear them all day long, as first-choice footwear?

They are designed as a hybrid shoe, which means they are made to be worn all day (and night!), as first choice footwear, but they also have an amazing ability to fold flat into their travel purse, for your convenience.

Cocorose shoes are far more than just a foldable shoe and are designed to be worn all day, every day

When Janan created her concept of the foldable shoe, it was imperative that they would be far more than just a pair of 'emergency shoes'.

So she created a beautifully hand-crafted shoe with the most incredible comfort for long days and nights and incorporated built-in functionality to ensure they would also be flexible, foldable, lightweight, compact and portable to reflect our on-the-go, 21st century lifestyles.

Cocorose London's everyday wear, foldable shoes are lightweight, compact and portable, making them perfect for travel and on-the-go lifestyles

Our Signature Travel Purse

Our Signature Cocorose Travel Purse in Black for our Foldable Shoes

Each pair of our foldable shoes comes with our signature travel purse. Beautifully and considerately designed, our travel purse also holds a folded, black, satin carrier bag in its back pocket, ideal for safely and discreetly carrying your removed heels with you, if you're swapping shoes.

Watch our video below that demonstrates this using our Non-Leather Barbican Gold style...


Design Background

Prior to Cocorose, Janan's career was in New Product Development... not in footwear design! However, a love for fashion and footwear encouraged her to attend the London College of Fashion to gain a foothold in Buying & Merchandising and Footwear Design, and she spent many a weekend at a local fashion house just absorbing everything she could about the industry.

Janan credits not having a traditional footwear design background with helping her to innovate and break the mould of conformity. Footwear industry experts told her it wasn't possible to create a foldable shoe but perseverance, determination (and a steel core!) helped Janan realise her dream.

Every shoe and every collection is designed in-house by Janan, who works closely with our production teams to ensure feasibility.

Much of Janan's inspiration comes from our Cocorosers... YOU... who encourage her through your loyalty and incredibly valuable feedback.

5 Star, Excellent Feedback from Dawn, a loyal Cocoroser... Cocorose Customer.