Easter Weekend: Spring Showers, Sunshine, and Rainbow Trainers Return

Hello Cocorosers 💗

Did you have a lovely Easter bank holiday weekend? We spent ours in Yorkshire and amidst the spring showers, sunshine and rainbows, we had such a fun time egg hunting. Scroll down for more.

Our popular Hoxton Rainbow trainers are Back In Stock, in all sizes from EU35 - EU43. Playful, bright and happy, we donate £20 from each sold pair, which directly supports The Honeypot Children's Charity and young carers aged from just 5 to 12 years old 💛

And finally, please keep sending in your amazing pictures! I absolutely love seeing how you Cocorose It and would love to share your stories in our weekly feature 💗 Scroll down for more.

Thank you, as ever, for your support and sending you lots of love,
Janan & Team Cocorose xx

...skies are blue. And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true 🌈 Famous lyrics from The Wizard of Oz and, decades later, they still ring true. Magical and uplifting, rainbows are full of hope and opportunity, making them the perfect design for our Honeypot Children's Charity collection.


Lovely Sara @welliesandchampagne looks out over the romantic Seine river under the Parisian spring sunshine. Sara is wearing her go-to Harrow White and Black ballet flats for a casually chic spring outfit.


I always love seeing pictures of how you Cocorose It and this week, I'm highlighting;

Happy and smiley Sabrina shows off her Clapham Pewter loafers whilst at Das Kransbach in Germany - her happy place 💜;

Caroline took her Kew trainers on the most amazing trip to Washington DC and visited the Lincoln Memorial, which she described as "powerful and humbling";
And finally, Cheryl paired her foldable Tatiana ballet flats with a leopard print dress and snapped this whilst waiting for DD to brush her hair. I can relate 😅

Please send in your pictures or tag us on social @cocoroselondon!

The FSB Celebrating Small Business Awards celebrate the very best small businesses from across the country and I'm so proud to have won the Micro Business award for London ✨

eren enjoying easter weekend


We headed to Harrogate for the long weekend and had the most eggcelent time egg hunting for the giant Easter eggs at RHS Harlow Carr followed by a mini egg hunt in the garden. The spring blossoms were aplenty, the air fresh and the sunshine warming (when it wasn't raining!) ☀️🌷

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