When Janan created her concept for a pair of foldable shoes  in 2007, she was creating something far bigger than just a pair of portable shoes that would help ease the pain from heels.

At the heart of her concept was the desire to make her life easier. No more worrying about whether she would be able to survive the day in her heels. No more lugging around an extra handbag with a pair of bulky flats. And no more worrying about walking home in the evening. This was about empowering herself with comfort and style. With confidence.

Women are multi-tasking more, juggling careers, family and everything that life throws at us and we’re taking a stance to be measured by our performance and success rather than what we’re wearing.

There is a movement that has gained momentum for the equality of women, whether it be equal pay, the #MeToo campaigns and the row over women being forced to wear heels, whether at work or on the red carpet.

Since the beginning, we have been built on our philosophy of Womenpowered, lending confidence through comfort and style and empowering women with the freedom of choice to wear what she wants and when.

We believe in the freedom of movement. No restrictions, no pain, no barriers to hold you back. Just considerately designed footwear, empowering you to effortlessly master your days by bringing convenience and ease to everyday, on-the-go lifestyles.

We all love a heel from time to time, but working from home has lead many of us to wear a trainer in the work place and certainly look to slip into a comfortable flat, rather than the 'Office Heel'.    STAY WELL