Our Reuse & Recycle Scheme Partnership with First Mile Recycling

How many old shoes do you have sitting around in your wardrobe, worn, battered and perhaps even slightly muddy! That's the sign of a well loved pair of trainers, flats or boots. Don't let your Cocorose shoes follow suit - or worst, end up in landfill. Return your pre-loved Cocorose shoes to us through our Reuse & Recycle Scheme to make the world that little bit greener - and earn 200 Rosebuds (worth £10) to use towards your future purchases!

Please remember to fill out your Reuse & Recycle Scheme form, without it, we won't know who to send your credits to! You can print this HERE.

And don't worry about postage costs - we've covered this! Just print your ready made postage label by clicking HERE.

You can use your 200 rosebuds (worth £10) towards future purchases on our website - a box fresh pair of glitter heart trainers anyone?

But remember, it doesn't have to be just shoes. We have hand poured Candles, or luxurious Hand Care Gift Sets, and even stunning Mango Leaf Jewellery! All the gorgeous little goodies your heart desires..

To read more about how we are actively making a positive impact on our environment and communities, you can do so on Our Associations page.

We work with incredible charities and organisations to make a real difference - all over the world.