Togetherness on a Monday Morning

Togetherness on Monday Morning | Lockdown Life

Who would have thought, pre-lockdown, that we'd ever have the time to snap a selfie together on a Monday morning?

How life has changed. Pre lockdown, there was always a rush, especially on a busy weekday morning, to get to nursery, the office, a meeting or even to catch a flight. There was never time to stop and just 'be'. Never time to appreciate the moments of togetherness.

"Have you brushed your teeth? What outfit are you wearing? Where are your shoes?" - and this was just for Gareth (I'm joking 🤣 well... only just 🤣!).

Lockdown has given us these moments of calm and togetherness back and for that, I appreciate it.

We are lucky here in the UK, that we're still able to venture outside for our daily exercise. To be honest, I couldn't have phrased it better than Cocoroser Katia @nauteas who said, "I will remember this experience for years to come. Bright sunshine, empty streets, birds singing and flowers blooming. A beautiful pause for a city that's always chasing bigger and better things every day..."

But I’m starting to turn my thoughts to the impact on all of us as we start the process of lifting the lockdown. I think it will be tougher than I had thought, and I think there are things to come that we will find equally stressful and difficult to digest. Although my first coffee and cake at our local café will not be one of them.

I know that Elin's nursery and her key carer in particular, really miss Elin and all the children. Yesterday I sent some pictures of Elin to Vivian and she said, "I actually have tears in my eyes. She’s grown so much! A little, beautiful lady. I miss her sooo much." …. Mmmm you wait Vivian, Elin has used lockdown to perfect her domestic climbing skills... furniture, book cases, daddy’s retro stereo system...  – Good luck with managing that 😊



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