Seven Days of Shoes for Lockdowned Fashionistas

7 days of shoes for stylish staying in | lockdown shoes
Once upon a time, it was just Rapunzel who suffered lockdown. But, as we are all very aware due to the coronavirus, modern life has dictated that we, too, must stay in our 'castles' and partake in lockdown.

Whether you're working from home, home schooling, doing a shop, playing with the kids in the garden, or heading out for your daily permitted exercise, we've devised a seven-day plan of what to slip on your feet each day, and there is a super choice for you!

Cocorose's shoes are renowned for being incredibly comfortable and feet-friendly, so whatever you're doing in and around your home, you can do it in a super stylish and pain-free way.

Clapham Pewter | Comfy and stylish flats for lockdown
Start your working week with Clapham Pewter. Lockdown provides a perfect opportunity to appreciate why movie stars like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, and fashion icons like Princess Diana, looked super-smart and chic in loafers. Clapham Pewter is handcrafted throughout and made with a beautiful and soft, hand-woven leather. This loafer boasts a striking, industrial metallic look and woos the feet with double-cushioned insoles, pillowed Achilles heels and a careful design that complements the natural movement of the feet.

Hoxton White with White Stars | White Leather Trainers
Time to take to the garden for a bit of play with the children in the already hugely popular, Spring 2020 Hoxton White with White Stars. These stylish, pristine white trainers, adorned with white star pattern, need no breaking in thanks to their comfort factors and have the crispness that look fabulous with everything from denim jeans to cropped chinos and white linen trousers.

Barbican Desert Gold Foldable Shoes
Beat the mid-week blues with a bit of working outside in Barbican Desert Gold ballerinas, allowing the natural light to allow these foldable darlings to glisten like gold one moment and shine silver the next, due to their gorgeous and unusual textile outer. These shoes will dazzle and protect the feet too, with a strong and flexible rubber sole, luxury leather insole and gentle elasticated opening for the feet.

Cocorose Clapham Coral Woven Loafers | Foldable leather shoes
Bring coral colour to an art session - or rather, home-schooling subjects - by wearing Cocorose’s Clapham Coral loafers. These flexible loafers really are a bright idea, being made from premium woven leather that will protect the top of the feet, whilst the leather double-cushioned insoles protect the balls of the feet and the pillowing at the back prevents blistered heels.

Barbican Silver Fold Up Shoes | Foldable Ballet Flats
Float around like a princess or take to the patio for a morning coffee in the sunshine, in gorgeous Barbican Silver ballerinas – shoes that will provide a real lift to your mood and keep you buoyant all day. When they are folded, the shiny metallic shoes fit perfectly inside a little silver purse, enabling them to be kept at hand or stored neatly and compactly in the shoe cupboard for whenever you wish to unfold them and slip them on for some foot relief. These little beauties also come with double-cushioned insoles, to keep the feet happy all day.

Clapham White Woven Leather Loafers | Foldable leather loafers
If you are making a quick dash to the supermarket, Clapham White will rise to the occasion, enabling you to social distance in style. These versatile loafers will go with absolutely anything in your wardrobe, making life easy, as well as comfortable. With a woven, soft leather outer and the special Cocorose London foot-caressing features of double-cushioned insoles, handcrafted design, careful cut and pillowed Achilles heels, you will soon adore these gorgeous loafers and want to wear nothing else.

Hoxton Gold with Black Stars | Cocorose Star Trainers
Whether you walk around the block, down a country lane or just to a local grocery store for your daily exercise, our Hoxton Gold with Black Star trainers will make you stand out from the crowd. These gorgeous and super-comfy trainers are unbelievably lightweight, despite their superior comfort factors of double-cushioned, leather insoles and pillowed Achilles heels, which protect and prevent the feet from sweating.

With such a fabulous range of stylish and comfortable flats to wear indoors and out, your lockdown days will at least be kind on your feet and make you smile 😊 Which shoes are your favourites?

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