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We're often asked, "Who is the Cocorose Woman"? But the truth is, our customers aren't a marketing persona and so we don't just have one. Our campaign "In Your Shoes" tells the wonderful stories of our Cocorosers, from all walks of life and from all around the world. Strong, beautiful and completely unique - we can't wait to introduce you to each other.

Jacqui | In Jacqui's Shoes | Wonder Woman
I love receiving emails and messages from all of our wonderful Cocorosers, and there was one that I recently received from Jacqui that made me giggle. She said "I now need a larger wonder woman cape as it is me who eats all the chocolate. 😋." She was, of course, referring to my previous blog post about Wonder Women.

Following our email exchange, I'm delighted to profile Jacqui as my next In Your Shoes star and, as far as I'm concerned, she can eat all the chocolate ever. She truly is Wonder Woman and I am so proud that she's part of our Cocorose Family.

Jacqui lives in rural Lincolnshire with her Cobbler husband and their rescue dogs, Badger the staffy and Archie the lurcher.
Jacqui with her rescue dog | Cocorose Shoes | Carnaby Pink with Pom Pom foldable shoes
"I feel lucky to be able to stay at home to keep safe," says Jacqui. "And we're very lucky to have a large garden which is my oasis of calm."

Jacqui worked as a learning disability nurse for over 38 years before retiring last December. She found retirement "fun but challenging, because even after retirement, I still felt I had something to offer." Jacqui now works part-time for a private company as a nurse advisor for learning disabilities and they provide services to the NHS.

She fondly recalls why she bought her first pair of Cocorose shoes; the Carnaby with Blue Pompoms. "I went to work part-time in London for the NHS and found I wanted something stylish, colourful and easy to wear and pack on the tube." But unfortunately, the work in London didn't last long, as lockdown was imminent and Jacqui was required to work from home.
Put a paw on it | Jacqui's Happy Shoes | Carnaby Pink Pom Pom Foldable Shoes
So her Cocorose shoes are now worn daily at home, rather than in London, and are her "shoes of hope and happiness," she says. "They make me smile and are so comfy, but I love them for what they represent, which is the hope of being able to return to work alongside my NHS colleagues."

The appreciation of hope and gratefulness for each day is never taken for granted. "Each day is different. I worry about colleagues on the front line and I wonder if my husband will ever be able to reopen his shoe repair shop," Jacqui says. "But I am so grateful for all I have. I can still hold onto my husband, bury my face in my dogs' fur, get up each morning and can take the dogs for a walk."

Jacqui goes on to say that she sent her friend, a frontline NHS worker, "happiness and hope" by sending her a pair of Cocorose shoes.
Jacqui's blue pom pom Cocorose shoes | Happy Shoes | Symbolising hope and happiness
To quote Clarence the Angel in Jacqui's favourite golden oldie film, It's A Wonderful Life; “Strange, isn’t it? Each man’s life touches so many other lives." Although made into a film in 1946, it's poignant messages of the values of basic goodness and sacrifice, the gift of friendship, the pitfalls of greed and commercialism, the sense of community and belonging that helps us feel truly connected in a society, remain so true today, and we are re-experiencing and re-appreciating these important values in today's coronavirus times.

At this point, Jacqui refers back to her blue pom pom shoes. "Although I have 6 pairs of Cocorose shoes, these are my favourites because they're so fun and cheery," she says. "They really are my happy shoes. My husband calls them my oompa loompa shoes so they make him smile too and that is worth so much in today's strange times."

Jacqui, I love your positivity and cheerfulness; how you enjoy wearing colourful and bright outfits and your zest for life. Thank you for sharing your story and being part of our Cocorose Family.

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