The Rise of Foldability

The Rise of Foldability | Foldable Shoes, Foldable Items

After the imposed frugality and relative lack of material commodities in most households throughout the first half of the 20th century due to two world wars, the 1950s brought with it the ‘bigger is better’ approach to consumerism. From cars to jazz to dresses and even hairstyles, everything was BIG. 

For more than two decades, however, things have changed. Music has (recent vinyl renaissance notwithstanding) been reduced to files and streaming, the number of devices we need to deal with all our entertainment and office needs is ever-shrinking, cars have become smaller and televisions (while benefitting from bigger screens) are less bulky.

When we leave the house, we can take our music with us and with the help of Bluetooth headphones, we have our phone ready in our ears! So, it stands to reason that foldable products fit right in with 21st century lifestyles in which time is of the essence, space at a premium and speed essential. 

Foldable items on the rise

Foldable luggage bags have well and truly arrived – perfect for those last minute trips, or plans to go shopping on city breaks and only wanting to pay for an extra bag on the way back with that budget airline! Many of these foldable luggage items can be stashed in extremely small spaces.

Foldable raincoats have been around for a long while now and devotees are completely sold on the ability to have a raincoat at hand without having to carry it in their arms.

All the time, new foldable products aimed at making our lives easier and taking modern living and convenience to increasingly high levels are coming onto the market. A notable recent example is the new foldable smartphone launched by Hauwei and copied by other brands. Who’d have thought that the touch-screen smartphone would be able to fold?!

Especially in cities with good public transport and green initiatives, or for those living in studios or apartments, folding bicycles such as the Brompton are an absolute lifesaver. Most of these bikes will fold down to be able to fit in a car boot and can be carried onto trains and buses, which makes them perfect for modern, clean, green living.

Those starting a family are not left behind in the foldability trend. Even those watching families travel by air will probably have witnessed the hassle and potential problem of boarding with buggies, but the amazing foldable buggy Yoyo by Babyzen can actually be folded down small enough to board the plane with you!

When you think of an item of clothing (in addition to the raincoat) you wish you could fold, you may well be forgiven for forgetting your shoes, as traditionally, they've always been so rigid and clunky! However, product development in foldable shoes has really moved on since 2007, when we invented the foldable shoe concept.

How to Hack 21st Century Lifestyles | Foldable Shoes

We have a fabulous collection of our hybrid, foldable shoes to choose from and all encourage you to change out of uncomfortable office shoes for a stylish and blissfully foot-friendly commute home. Our foldable flats are the ultimate confluence of style and convenience and are perfect for on-the-go women.

With smart living on the rise, folding is the future. The opportunities for further product development in myriad areas is most definitely there.

The best way to predict the future is to create it



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