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Beautiful Comfort | The Most Comfortable Shoes Ever

The fashion industry is infamous for living in its own bubble, often so far removed from reality. 

Apparently, Christian Louboutin once said that he would hate for someone to look at his shoes and say, “Oh my God! They look so comfortable!”

And let's not forget that the queen of super high heels, Victoria Beckham, once said she couldn't concentrate in flats.

Well, we'd like to hold our hands up high and proud and say that this is exactly the opposite of what we do and strive for.

For the past 13 years, we've been all about achieving beautiful comfort. Our shoes are designed and created by a woman for women. We know the realities of everyday life and what it's like to continually hustle and multi-task. Beautiful comfort is most definitely very welcome in our world. Creating stylish and the most comfortable shoes ever is something we always hold on a pedestal and aim for. 

We don't think there's anything shameful in that.

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Perhaps the irony for the fashion industry is that over the past few years, sales of flats have overtaken that of heels, as women look for a more laidback and effortlessly chic approach to comfort, practicality and style to help ease the pressures of getting through their daily to-do lists.

As womens' roles become ever more increasingly multi-tasking, we're juggling family, career and friends. Life. We're regularly on the move, doing the drop off at nursery or school and then commuting to work, whether by public transport or cycling.

Space is premium and shoes have traditionally been bulky and oddly shaped, so ensuring you have versatile and comfortable shoes that you can wear from morning until evening to cover your 18 hour days is essential.

Our hybrid, foldable flats even go one step further. Cleverly and beautifully designed for your everyday, they can also fold into their compact travel purse, so they become fully portable and convenient for all your travelling needs and 21st century lifestyles.

Whether or not fashion has had a reality wake up call, or whether women feel more empowered to choose flats over heels, it's clear that our lifestyles are changing and we require fashion to enhance, rather than restrict, our daily lives.

Only yesterday, Madonna recently announced that she's switched to flat shoes following her "multiple injuries" sustained from wearing high heels.

Granted, even Victoria Beckham regularly wears flats now. Whether she's regained her focus, who knows, although with three boys and a little one to take care of, who can blame her.

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