The Must-Have Space Saviours for Two Wheeled Enthusiasts


Foldable Shoes for Cyclists and Motorbike Enthusiasts

There is little like being out on the open road on two wheels to give you a sense of freedom, health and vibrancy. Whether your ride of choice is a push bike or a motorbike, you will be all too familiar with the need to travel light and the inconvenience that this can carry with it. 

Two wheeled modes of transport have many, many things going for them but luggage space isn’t generally one of them. With this in mind, careful planning must happen to ensure that it is possible to carry all of the essentials on any given road trip. It would, of course, be remiss not to mention that the very push bike you could be riding can be space saving, with a variety of excellent foldable bicycles now on the market that can be taken onto public transport or placed in the boot of a car, but that’s not the crux of this article.

Over the years, we've been hearing your lovely stories about how you use your Cocorose foldable shoes and why you love them so. One story that really struck a chord with us was from a lovely Cocoroser who said she and her hubby were keen motorcyclists. With space at a real premium, she could only pack the essentials. In her backpack was always a LBD and a pair of her foldable shoes, ready for her to change into on arrival at their destination. Being in leathers and biking boots for the journey, it was a relief to change into something lighter and more feminine for when they'd head out for a bite to eat in the evenings.

We've also heard from so many of you about how you cycle to work and pack your foldable shoes into your backpacks so that you can change into them once you arrive at the office. Recently, Saskia shared with us that she cycles to work in all weather (respect!) and that she changes into her Cocorose Clapham shoes as soon as she arrives. Comfy, stylish and versatile for everyday-wear, plus if she has evening events to attend, they also look chic and smart, so she can avoid having to wear heels.

So, with all of this in mind, we were inspired to put together some handy tips for packing light and have highlighted some great products that are designed for life on two wheels.

The first thing you need for any two-wheeled journey that could take you away for more than a couple of days is a compression stuff sack. You know those tricksy bags that you tried to stuff your sleeping bag back into with very little success? Well, similar to that, but unlike the sleeping bag, you’ll be stuffing more manageable soft items, like clothing into it, even leaving space for other items on top. The good thing about these bags is, as the name suggests, they compress bulk down and are less awkward to carry and fit into any luggage you may take.

Another essential is a travel power bank – especially if you are going off the beaten track or travelling late in the evening. This will allow you to charge your GPS or mobile in case of emergency or, of course, getting lost! 

You'll also want to take a waterproof overcoat, so a foldable waterproof that fits in a little pocket is definitely the way to go. If you're riding a motorbike, you’ll want to be in your leathers, of course, but on a bicycle, you’ll not want to be exposed to the elements without that foldable waterproof in your bag.

Cycling isn't much fun if the weather turns, but many have no option but to cycle in all weather, so a change of clothes (as space-saving as possible) becomes very important if there is a chance of inclement weather, or in the reverse scenario, if you’re likely to sweat! Also, you’re not going to want to carry heavy, or bulky shoes. That’s where our foldable shoes come in. There are so many stunning designs available, that you can look glamorous as a cyclist with a swift change and no need to suffer with your load!  Easy to change into, effortlessly chic and super comfy to wear, they can just be neatly folded away and placed in the corner of even the meanest travel bags.

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