It's Taken 20 Years Off Me!

The secret to looking 20 years younger | Wear a face mask

Oh to venture out the house without double and then triple checking that you've got your face mask! This humble little cloth covering has become 2020's golden ticket; the exclusive invitation that allows you access into all the shops, must-go places such as the post office and of course, on public transport if indeed you're needing to travel.

Face coverings have become this year's fashion accessory, but one with a serious difference. We don it for the safety of others, ourselves and to help bring the economy back to life.

Never did I think that wearing a face mask would prove to also be the miracle elixir of life that would help take 20 years off me!

I was in my local supermarket buying a bottle of fizz for a birthday celebration and I got ID'd. I've not been asked for ID for years so I can only put it down to covering up half my face with a pretty mask! 🤣

There are divided opinions upon whether wearing a face covering is actually helping to reduce the spread of covid-19. Whilst it's not the Brexit debate, I have certainly overheard conversations about whether wearing face coverings is indeed really required.

Whatever your view, it's clear that face coverings are absolutely the way to get you on the VIP entry list for your average trip to the shops, bus journey or if you're fortunate enough, flight overseas.

In these times that continue to be stressful for a number of reasons, I just thought it was worth sharing my bottle of fizz experience, as it brought a smile to my face. Not that you could see it of course! 😂



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