Happy Birthday Elin 🥳

We celebrated Elin's birthday this week and headed off for a lovely day out at the seaside. She absolutely loved it and spent a good few hours digging in the sand and running into the water. Here are some of my favourite pictures to share with you.

Elin at the seaside on her birthday

Elin digging in the sand. Pass the bucket and spade please!

First dip in the water and there was no going back after that!

The sun came out and so did the bathing suit!

Elin loves her boots. Like mummy, like daughter :)

Elin and I strolling on the beach

Elin's choice of pebble and shell

September has been good to us so far and here's hoping that October will follow suit. There's still time to catch up on your Vitamin Sea or, if heading to the coast isn't possible, I've compiled a little edit of my favourite nautical themed shoes for you below, for you to get that easy breezy seaside feeling.

Red, white and blue are the go-to colours for a nautical themed outfit. 

Clapham White. Our woven loafers are soft, comfortable and perfect for on deck.

Our Clapham White loafers are soft, comfy and perfect for pairing on deck. Just look at that gorgeous white and blue contrast!

Navy loafers. The perfect flats for that nautical feeling.

Never out of style, navy is always a super classic. Beautifully woven, these Clapham Navy loafers are soft, supple and just gorgeous to wear, whether sipping cocktails on the terrace or eating fish and chips on the sandy beach!

Red is perfect for a nautical themed outfit, but we always love a little twist and these Farringdon Kissing Lips loafers will give just that!

Red with a twist! The seaside is fun, so why not inject some fun into your footwear too, with our Farringdon Kissing Lips loafers?!

 Your Favourite Face Masks with Matching Storage Pouches

Whether you're heading to the beach or just down the road to the corner shop, we can't leave the house nowadays without our face masks and, in keeping with our nautical theme, our Sky Blue Silk masks and Hibiscus Sea Green cotton masks are back in stock. Have a look here for all your favourites ♥️



Thanks Tanya! It was so much fun 🏖🥳 The only thing is, they grow so quickly don’t they! Your little one must be approaching 2 very soon too 🥰♥️ xx

Janan September 13, 2020

Happy 2nd Birthday, Elin! Looks like you had a fabulous time 😊

Tanya September 13, 2020

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