Wonder Women

Wonder Woman Pre and Post Lockdown

I was chatting with a friend in the early days of Elin and she mentioned that, through Elin, I'd meet people that I probably wouldn't normally cross paths with. It's so true.

One of the wonderful things about having Elin has indeed been the social aspect and meeting so many others, most of whom I wouldn't normally come into contact with, through various baby groups. Sure, many do come and go, but I feel so incredibly lucky to have met a really fantastic group of friends, all who live locally and all with little ones similar in age to Elin. Up until the pandemic took hold, we had countless coffees, play dates and dinner dates.

There's a photo of Wonder Woman, pre and post lockdown, that's been making the rounds on social media. Have you been forwarded it yet?

For sure, almost three weeks into lockdown and I know many of us feel like post lockdown Wonder Woman, with a lack of excercise and perhaps a few too many biscuits. I forwarded the picture on to one of my fab friend groups, the Banana Bread Club, with a message saying that's how I felt.

"But she's still Wonder Woman," said Chrissy. "Despite gaining a few pounds, she hasn't lost her super powers." 

And you know what? Chrissy's absolutely right.

Perhaps we're not feeling as svelte as before, but this lockdown has made us stronger. Many of us are still running our businesses, working full time, whether from home or going in to the hospitals or essential shops, and doing all this whilst being teachers and nursery carers, homeschooling and entertaining the kids non-stop. If anything, we've grown more as a person and have definitely gained more super powers!

There's nothing better than women supporting each other, and knowing that we've got each others' backs. 

We've since changed our Watsapp group name from the Banana Bread Club to Wonder Women (there's no flour around to make banana bread these days anyway!).

So, to all of you fabulous Cocorosers out there, stay strong, you've got this and have that cake, you Wonder Women💪🏽😘

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