Kitchen Secrets with Celebrity Chef Mark Hix

We caught up with celebrity chef Mark Hix, to discover his 'Top 10 Kitchen Secrets'...
What’s the best cooking tip you’d give to others? “Do not put more than 3 ingredients on a plate!” What’s the best cooking tip you’ve every received? “To be honest, I can’t really remember any great tips!” What six basics should we always store in the cupboard? “Rice, pasta, tinned chopped tomatoes, eggs, and a selection of oils and vinegars.”  What six basics should we always have in the fridge? “Butter, onions, garlic, potatoes, tomato puree, botarga (dried grey millet roe).” What’s your favourite indulgence? “Eating a whole crab by the seaside, with good mayonnaise, chips, and a chilled bottle of Chablis.” What are your favourite kitchen gadgets? “My Japanese mandolin slicer, KitchenAid mixer with attachments, de Longhi coffee machine and Magimix mini-chopper.” What’s your favourite fail-safe dish? “Hanger steak (the piece that hangs down between the loin and the belly), with béarnaise sauce and chips.” What’s your ideal three-course menu for a casual dinner with friends? “Oysters and langoustines with mayonnaise, roast suckling pig, asparagus, and rhubarb and custard. All on the table, at the same time.”

What’s your ideal three-course menu for a romantic dinner? “It would have to be seafood, something like a big fruit de mere. I don’t think I’d have three courses. It takes too long!” What’s the biggest no-no when cooking?  “Don’t mess with flavours that don’t belong together.” You can find your nearest Mark Hix's restaurant at or try his food at Brown's Hotel and NEW for 2012 is Tramshed  

UPDATE 2020 ... Covid-19 has hit the Hix Restaurant Group hard, with the Administrators called and closure forced upon them. Very very sad news indeed.

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