Kitchen Secrets with Celebrity Chef Aldo Zilli

We caught up with celebrity chef Aldo Zilli, to discover his 'Top 10 Kitchen Secrets'...
What’s the best cooking tip you’ve ever received? “I’ve had endless cooking tips, but the best two were always work with very sharp knives. And, always under-season, as you can always add, but you can’t take away.” What’s the best cooking tip you recommend to others? “Always try and roast, grill or bbq your meat, fish and vegetables.” What basics should we always store in the kitchen cupboard? *Garlic *Flour *Sea Salt & Ground Black Pepper *Extra Virgin Olive Oil – for drizzling on salads, etc. *Virgin Olive Oil – for cooking *Chicken or Vegetable stock cubes *Basil What basics should we always have in the fridge? *Passata *Tomatoes “Fresh Rosemary *Parmesan *Mozzarella *Aubergines *Courgettes What’s your favourite indulgence nosh? “Black Cod Teriaki. Expensive but amazing!” What are your favourite kitchen gadgets? “My espresso machine, hand-blend blenders, which are great for soups, and a pasta pot.” What’s your favourite fail-safe cooking utensil? “I bought a non-stick wok in China, and I use it for making everything from a fried egg to pasta sauces.” What would be your ideal three-course menu for a casual dinner with friends? *Marinated Vegetables with Mozzarella and Fresh Basil *Large Roasted Fish – in the middle of the table *Aubergine Parmigiana *Different Salads – so everyone can just help themselves *Fresh Fruit with Cheese What would be your ideal three-course menu for a romantic meal? *Oysters *Lobster Tempura *Chocolate Fondue and Strawberries What's the biggest no-no to avoid when cooking? “Never panic in the kitchen if something goes wrong. Keep calm, and just carry on. The more you stress, the more things will go wrong!” Find out more about Aldo Zilli and his delicious recipes at

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