Desert Island Flicks

Amanda Berry, OBE, Chief  Executive of BAFTA, reveals the Top Ten favourite films that she’d take to her desert island – along with cartons of popcorn...
*CRASH ‘To remind me that life can be complex.’ *COOL RUNNINGS ‘To make me laugh out loud and remind me of the cold and snow.’ *CAST AWAY ‘For tips!’ *NOTTING HILL ‘The joy of four seasons, London and romance.’ *MIRACLE ON 34th STREET ‘So I know that Santa will find me, even on my desert island.’ *GOOD NIGHT AND GOOD LUCK ‘After all the bright colours of my island, it will be good to see something in black and white – and George Clooney!’ *HOME ALONE ‘Survival tips, in case some bad guys land on the island.’ *CASINO ROYAL ‘So, I can watch that beach scene with Daniel Craig over, and over and over again!’ *CHOCOLAT ‘To remind me of my favourite food.’ *THE RAILWAY CHILDREN ‘Memories of a Yorkshire childhood, and to remind me that there is always hope.’  

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