Frequently Asked Questions

Are Cocorose Shoes true to size?

Yes, all of our Cocorose shoes are true to size, so if you are a UK 5 normally, you will be a UK 5 in our shoes.


I’m in-between sizes, what should I choose?

If you are in-between sizes, we would recommend going up to the larger size.

Our shoes have elasticated topline binding which enables the fit to be snug around your foot, even if they are slightly larger


Can I wear my Cocorose shoes without socks or tights?

Yes, our shoes are designed to be comfortable without the need of socks or tights. If you prefer to wear socks, we recommend thin 'pop socks' to stay true to our sizing.


Are all Cocorose shoes foldable?

The majory are,Yes. The revolutionary concept of foldable shoes is what our pioneering brand is renowned for since 2007.

All our ballerina and loafer styles are foldable. 

These styles are made with our signature durable rubber sole which is fully flexible allowing each side to be folded in half (toe to heel).

Foldable - All Travel Range (styles such as Barbican & Carnaby), The Royal Ballet styles, Harrow, Clapham, Pimlico, Mayfair, Barnes, Stratford, Putney.

Non-Foldable - Hoxton Sneakers, Our Boots.

Please - if you have any questions - just ask us at


How do I fit my Cocorose shoes into the travel purse?

Our Cocorose shoes are designed to be folded in half (toe to heel), with the right and left sides laying on top of each other, top-to-tail. The shoes will then fit inside the travel purse securely once zipped closed.

Some of our Lifestyle range can be a bit stubborn when brand new so we find a simple elastic band or hair tie can help keep the sides folded together nicely.

For a video showing how to do this, please click here.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We can ship your new Cocoroses wherever you are. For our delivery information, please click here


I have narrow or wide feet, will Cocorose Shoes fit me?

Our shoes are constructed using soft and pliable leathers which provide a bit of extra ‘give’ and allows the shoe to mould to your foot. The soft elasticated topline also helps to accommodate different foot widths.

Even though our shoes are typically made on a regular size ‘B’ last, we do have a few models which have a slightly slimmer or wider fit.

Our experience is that our Pimlico and Barnes models have been successful with narrower feet whilst the Clapham, Barbican and Hampstead are great for slightly wider feet.


Are Cocorose Shoes completely flat or do they have a small heel?

We are often asked about the heel heights of our shoes considering that many ballerinas or ‘flats’ on the high street have almost non-existent heels. To start with, all of our Cocorose outer soles have heel heights of at least 8mm.

In some styles such as the Harrow, Pimlico and Hampstead we’ve also incorporated an extra concealed wedge heel which is built inside the insole of the shoe. The concealed wedge heel has a gradual elevation, starting from around the middle of the shoe and gradually rising until the heel of the foot is elevated. At its highest elevation point, our concealed heels boast an extra 1 .5cm heel height on top of our 8mm height, equating to at least 2 .3cm.

Coupled with double cushioned insoles to give great underfoot padding and comfort to the feet and pillowed Achilles heels to avoid any pinching, we’re proud to create beautiful and stylish shoes that are also insanely comfortable and functional.

Do watch our video here which features our founder & designer Janan chatting about our Harrow style and the concealed wedge heel


I have problem feet/toes, can I wear Cocorose shoes?

Yes, a few of our loyal customers who have arthritic toes or bunions have shared with us their success stories with Cocorose shoes. The favourite model among them is the Wimbledon. This model gives more coverage over the toes whilst having a bit more room to move

Our lifestyle range are constructed using soft and pliable leathers which allows the shoe to mould to your feet and adds an extra bit of ‘give’ to ensure superior comfort

All of our shoes include a luxuriously double cushioned insole and padded Achilles heel to provide superior comfort but if you require something a bit extra, no problem. It is possible to fit a standard insole or arch support into our shoes but please be aware our existing insoles are built-in and non-removable.


Where can I wear my Cocorose shoes?

Our shoes are designed to be worn for busy on-the-go lifestyles!

Some believe foldable flats are only to be worn inside or only for occasional use, but our Cocorose London shoes are made with a durable outer sole designed to be worn outdoors and all day long.

For our leather range we recommend applying a protective spray (which you can buy at most shoe stores or online) to ensure even longer lasting use


The shoes I want are out of stock, when will you get more?

When you find that your desired Cocorose shoe is out of stock, do not fear! Click on your preferred size from the dropdown menu, fill out your contact details, and we will email you as soon as it’s back in stock.

Now you never have to worry about missing out on that must-have shoe again 


Does Cocorose London have a loyalty program?

Yes we do!

We are delighted to have recently introduced our new ‘Rosebuds’ program which rewards our Cocorosers with points to use on future purchases.

To sign up and for more information, please click here.


How do I return my Cocorose shoes or exchange them for another size?

We are pleased to offer a full return and exchange policy within 14 days from receiving your order.

For information on how to return to us, please read our full returns & exchange policy here

All items sent back to us for an exchange or refund should be in their original condition, in their original packaging so we recommend trying all shoes on a carpeted surface to avoid any potential soiling or damage.

We aim to despatch all exchanges within 3 working days of receiving the original item back.

Refunds will be processed within 10 working days of receiving returned goods.


Please note that items purchased online may not be returned to our stockists.


Is Cocorose London packaging recyclable?

Yes, all of our packaging is recyclable, including the shoebox & tissue paper

We are proud to have developed a unique drawer shoebox by working closely with our suppliers to ensure they are constructed using 100% recycled materials.

The cardboard carton your shoes are couriered in are also 100% recycled. We even recycle the cartons returned to us, to use again for new orders