ZSL London Zoo... Again

Giraffes at ZSL London Zoo

It's been raining non-stop for the past week or so and I've been desperately trying to find some fun activities for Elin and I to do whilst sheltered indoors. However, there was the tiniest patch of blue sky yesterday so we chanced it and off we went to the ZSL London Zoo ... again! This time, however, we followed the pink arrows and found ourselves on an African safari with the most elegant giraffes, zebras and okapi.

Big love for the NHS at the ZSL London Zoo

I love the big sign of support here for the NHS and I can't help but think that some kind of lockdown is once again imminent so we're trying to enjoy as much of the outdoors whilst we can.

The zoo have put lots of procedures in place, including social distancing, lots of hand washing and sanitising stations, mandatory wearing of face coverings in enclosed spaces and a clear mapping around the zoo to ensure flow in one direction. Whisper it quietly, but the weekdays are also a nice time to go!

Elin in awe of the zebras at ZSL London Zoo

To be honest though, as long as there are muddy puddles that Elin can jump in and out of, she's super happy!

The baby okapi at ZSL London Zoo

We wandered our way through the African safari and onto the butterfly house. I shouldn't be telling you just yet, but if you promise not to spill the beans to anyone, I've been working on some new Hoxton trainers for you, with the most gorgeous butterflies..... but shhhh! More to come soon!

Beautiful butterflies in the butterfly house at ZSL London Zoo

We finished off at the penguins because, well, no trip to the zoo is complete without seeing the penguins jumping and diving and showing off their swimming skills!

Elin enjoying the penguins at ZSL London Zoo

Until next time xxx


I just wanted to say thank thank you .For putting this on today. I watched the tv program over lockdown of how the London Zoo was coping. And reading this reminded me of the Butterfly house section . Were they release more butterfly’s every few days. And you can find out when and be there to see .
Glad you both had a good day.

Lesley October 16, 2020

Wow you look as if you both had a great time.

Sue October 16, 2020

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