The New Knickers: Quality Cotton and Silk Face Masks

Cocorose Face Masks and Face Coverings - Pleated Cotton Masks with Matching Storage Pouches

I said it a while back and I'll say it again. Face masks are basically like knickers. It's now an essential item that you need to wear everyday for comfort and hygiene purposes. So, like knickers, you need a stock of comfortable, clean, fresh masks so that you can change them on a daily basis. And, like knickers, you'll note that there are lots of different types out there for you to choose from.

So while the “new normal” has its drawbacks, there really is no need to accept unflattering and uncomfortable face masks. As long as it’s mandatory and advisable to protect yourself and others around you (whilst wearing well made, quality face coverings), there’s no reason why you shouldn’t treat them as any other accessory and put that little bit of extra effort into how they look, so they can actually complement your outfits.

We have you covered with a lovely range of quality, comfortable and stylish face coverings, with a choice of cotton or silk as your fabric. And of course, all of our masks are in keeping with our Cocorose aesthetic, which is consistent across our range of foldable shoes and women’s trainers.

Cocorose Silk Face Masks

Not all face masks are created equal. The importance of having little pockets stitched into the interior for filters to be placed in, along with having adjustable, elastic ear loops and a contoured design cannot be understated. These details give you added protection and will boost your confidence levels as we move into autumn and then winter. All of our face masks, cotton and silk, are double layered with a filter pocket for triple layers once a filter is added, adjustable ear loops and are also paired with matching pouches to keep your masks in when you’re not wearing them. Remember it is advisable to wash your masks after use, especially if you’ve been in a crowded place, so it is ideal to have at least one spare. Don’t worry, this just gives you the excuse to try out some of our stunning, 5* reviewed designs!

Whether you need a plainer, more understated design to pair with patterned outfits, or you want a bit of a livelier design to offset a more classic outfit, we have a plethora of beautiful options to choose from. This autumnal silk mask in Khaki Green (but also available in a number of shades from Black to Pink) has received many a compliment, with lots of Cocorosers commenting on its breathability, comfort and quality as well as how beautifully snug-like it fits.

It’s not just our silk masks that provide comfort and quality, however. Our cotton face masks are soft, lightweight and very easy to breathe through. This gorgeous daisy-covered cotton mask with filter pocket is an absolute delight and will complement almost any outfit, from denim and white shirt, to a dress or more formal wear. How many times have you heard people say that the masks steam up their glasses? Well, ours have been designed so they don’t. You simply need to put the mask on first and make sure it’s in place, before adding your glasses on top.

The elastic ear loops on our masks are adjustable with an easy, sliding knot system, so the masks will fit comfortably without pulling on your ears and we have ensured that our masks are designed and cut on an angle to follow and fit the natural contours of the face for snug comfort.

It never sat well with us at Cocorose to profit from such an essential item during the pandemic so we went ahead and designed this range of exceptional quality masks, whilst also donating the profits from our sales to The Honeypot Children's Charity, which provides respite breaks and outreach support to young carers aged 5 to 12 years old.

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