What Are You Thankful For?


Cuddles with Elin | Grateful for the time we're able to spend together

Yesterday when Elin and I were outside blowing bubbles in the garden, Elin noticed a plane flying overhead and I realised how long it's been since we saw one in the sky. We waved to it and took such pleasure in this simple act. It made me think, again, about what we have for so long taken for granted, and how the coronavirus lockdown has given us the opportunity to pause, re-connect and appreciate these simple moments together. 

I imagined Elin asking me in a number of years what it was like living through the coronavirus times.

I'd tell her it was scary, filled with uncertainty about the future, that the lockdown was surreal and tough, and that it was lonely without being able to meet our family and friends. That it would take me a day to post a simple picture to Instagram or Facebook and three days to write a blog post because I'd be constantly pulling her down from climbing up everything and everywhere at home!

But I'd also tell her how lucky we were, just being able to spend so much more time together, playing, reading and blowing bubbles, even though I'd constantly be saying, "Elin! Get down from there! We can't go to A&E right now!"

I'd tell her we drew rainbows together, learn new words, and chat daily with her grandparents. That she learned to (finally!) nap at home instead of whilst out and about in the buggy. And that I was so grateful to have Cbeebies on tap when things got a little tricky!

I'd also tell her how the community came together, applauding the NHS, volunteering and looking out for each other.

I'd tell her that, although it was difficult and incredibly stressful at times, that overall it made me feel humbled, grounded and with a new sense of appreciation.
Sticky Fingers and Jam on the Door Handle
I love this quote that I came across some time ago. There are times when I catch myself thinking about that tiny, sticky hand and it really puts things into perspective. Be in the moment, be grateful for now, and appreciate the little things. Because moments are fleeting, and just like that, they'll be gone. That's ok for the screeching moments; I'm fine with that, but I try and hold onto the special cuddles and fun times. This isn't just for Elin, but for everyone.

Tell me, what has this lockdown made you grateful for and appreciate?

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You bought a tear to my eye with your beautiful words Janan.
Life is all about the moments and the memories we make and take with us along the way.

Zella Saunders April 19, 2020

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