What Shoes To Wear To The Races

What shoes to wear to the races | Getting dressed up for the races

Cheltenham is just around the corner. That glorious few days from March 10th to March 13th will soon be upon as and devotees will be planning their list of tips and favourites, tipples and hats and most certainly which shoes they are going to wear. Just like a highbrow music festival, Cheltenham is one of those events where there can be no compromise in either style or comfort – although based on experience, if necessary, the former should certainly give way to the latter.

High heels should (especially bearing in mind the recent weather) be discounted as an all-rounder, as nobody wants to have to be rescued from a self-induced mud plug, risking injury and the inevitable outfit-ruining splashback should they eventually be freed! Unless of course this is part of a cunning plan to be saved and taken into the arms of a potential suitor!

Bearing in mind that the racing calendar is almost upon us, starting with Cheltenham in March, the Grand National in early April and Ascot in June, with much in between, there is a real need to consider what shoes to wear when you’re off to the races.

If you’d like to enjoy all of the hospitality and festivities on offer at the various race meets, then you certainly won’t be able to get away with heels 100% of the time. But, when you’re sitting down for a posh lunch, or standing around with a cocktail (on solid ground), who is anyone to deny you the splash of luxury (not to mention the extra couple of inches) a pair of heels affords?

The answer to the footwear conundrum seems to be staring us in the face. You need not one, but two pairs of shoes for your racing events. Who wants to walk around wielding a spare pair of shoes, I hear you cry? Nobody. That is where our foldable shoes come in.

Cocorose London's Foldable Shoes | Foldable Leather Shoes

I suspect that if you think of foldable shoes, your mind’s eye might conjure images of rather ugly, flimsy and uncomfortable footwear – the type of shoes that just screams out ‘emergency slippers’ - but you couldn’t be more wrong. You don’t have to browse for more than a few seconds over the stunning range of foldable ballerinas on offer here to find that they are both stylish and comfortable. They’re designed as a hybrid – so an everyday-wear shoe that folds - so if you really can’t bear your heels after the first hour of slipping into them, you’ll be safe on the ground knowing that you’ll be oozing style and comfort in your flats for the rest of the day.

Granted, if you’re going full-on mud wading, you might want to consider posh wellies, but for those of us who want something to save us from blisters, stumbles on uneven ground and certainly a comfy pair of flats to change into for the journey home, this range of highly portable, folding shoes are a saving grace.

Comfy flats to wear to the races | what shoes to wear to the races | foldable shoes

Furthermore, as you can see, our shoes come with a super-stylish little purse that can slip into your handbag, so you can carry your feet and style-saving slip-ons without hassle or anyone knowing your clever secret. Genius.

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