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Eclipse Magazine Design Awards Footwear Winner

When we heard the news over lockdown that we were nominated for Eclipse Magazine's inaugural Design Awards 2020 in the Footwear category, we were so excited and genuinely, pleasantly surprised. We hadn't entered, so it was lovely to be put forward and nominated by others.

Eclipse Magazine is a webzine which focuses on The Social Side of Horse Racing. We all know that going to the races calls for getting dressed up to the nines and Eclipse Magazine seek out the best independent designers and makers that create beautiful pieces for racegoers to use and wear at the races.

To celebrate their creativity and quality of work, especially at a time when so many businesses have been affected by the lack of race-going due to the coronavirus, Eclipse Magazine launched their inaugural annual EM Design Awards in seven categories: Hats, Outfits for Women, Outfits for Men, Jewellery, Handbags, Footwear and Accessories.

We were nominated in the Footwear category and were up against some tough competition. It was a long process to get through, with Round 1 being a shortlist, voted for by you, before hopefully reaching Round 2 aka the finals.

Eclipse Magazine tell us there were over 2,000 people that stepped forward to vote so we are extremely honoured, proud and so grateful to you for voting for us. Thank you so much 💗 We definitely could not have done this without you.

EM Design Awards Cocorose London Winner

Part of the shortlisting process was for you to highlight why you were voting for us and, although we haven't seen all your answers, Eclipse Magazine have released some of your quotes below. Honestly, we are touched beyond words.

“They are the most helpful, reliable, honest and passionate company that I have ever bought from – and their shoes are dreamy!” KM

“I work for the NHS and I wear them to and from work as it’s walking on little soft clouds. Real treat to slip a pair on after a long shift. I now have several pairs as they have now formed my staple wardrobe and they are a bit like a martini any time, any place, anywhere. They go with anything and so many styles. Amazing for travelling as they fold and are so light yet so sturdy.” CR

“Beautiful people with beautiful souls designing beautifully crafted Footwear for everyone to love and enjoy. They bring true happiness and lift your spirits when you wear their designs.” KB

During these coronavirus times, when business is challenging, winning this award means so much more than just taking home a trophy. Knowing that you have our back and are rooting for us is profoundly catalytic.

It gives us the strength and the wind beneath our wings to go further and do better for us all. So this win is not just for us here in HQ; this win is for all of us. Our Cocorose Family 💗 Thank You 💗


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Well done! Such great news Celebrate 🎉

Jacqui Hollingsworth July 13, 2020

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