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I've always been a product kind of girl and I find the whole product development cycle from concept to launch absolutely fascinating. Even before I knew what 'New Product Development' was - before I knew that I could actually have a career in it - I was making beautiful products like candles and rose scented moisturisers when I was at school.

Just on a side note, for my school science project, I actually distilled fresh rose petals to get rose oil and oh my goodness, the volume of rose petals needed to get the tiniest drop of rose oil is mind boggling!

Anyway, I digress. I find the entire process of launching a new product to be fascinating, exciting and perhaps it fills me with just a little bit of anxiety too. 

How will the new product be received? Will it fly or will it bomb? The list of questions goes on.

Recently, we launched our new face masks and honestly, I am absolutely delighted with the feedback that we've received from so many customers, especially as there are a multitude of all sorts of face masks out there to sift through at the moment. 

I therefore wanted to take this opportunity to highlight some of the latest emails we've received from our wonderful Cocorosers, all of whom had bought our beautiful and quality face masks.

Beautifully made, quality face masks in cotton and silk with filter pockets and matching storage pouches

"I bought a face mask from you and I just want to say the mask is perfect!!! Amazingly made and really nice on. I just wanted to let you know." - Maisie

"My mask has just arrived and I LOVE it! It’s so comfortable! Looking forward to getting my Blush & Navy one 😍 I see that there are a few new ones. They are all so lovely. I want them all! Anyway, I just wanted say a huge thank you. As usual your products amaze me." - Cassandra 

"I’ve already got 2 masks from you earlier, and I really like the quality of them. The silk ones are fantastic, very nice on the skin and easy to breath." - Natalia

"This is my second order, so I already have a few of your face masks. However, they are being 'borrowed' by my daughter. Your face masks are so beautifully made and comfortable to wear that I ordered some more for us both.  We love the extended range of fabric designs. The black fabric with white ferns is proving elusive.  I am keeping an eye out for it to come back into stock." - Joanne

"I would like to buy two masks, one for each of my daughters. I wore mine all day at work today and it was very comfortable." - Amanda

"With the legislation changes taking place, the masks are a gift for my stepmum and sister. With the quality and fit of the ones that arrived this morning, I went back online and ordered them one each." - Emma

"Just sourcing your lovely face masks for all the family!! I look forward to adding a collection of face masks to my collection of your wonderful shoes I’ve amassed over the years 😆" - Polly

Receiving such positive feedback from you is so important and we cherish every email and message that we receive. It gives us the confidence and knowledge that we're going down the right route, which is so important in these challenging times.

Thank you also for your incredible support in helping to raise vital funds for The Honeypot Children's Charity. With every mask sold, we are donating the profits to help support these brave and inspirational young carers. You can read more about our partnership in my post here.

With HUGE thanks to you, we are sending our first cheque to the Honeypot Children's Charity for just over £1,240! Your support is massively appreciated and we certainly couldn't do this without you. Thank you 💗


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