Planning Your Next Get-Away?

Travel Feature - Planning Your Next Get-Away - Whitsand Bay, Cornwall
In our previous post, we offered some top tips to help you get over the January Blues and tip number three was to Plan Your Get-Away.


Having something to look forward to, whether it be a staycation or a trip of a lifetime to a far-flung destination, gives us excitement, joy and a sense of purpose. You don't need to wait until the summer holidays either; going away prior to that will definitely help to shed the cobwebs and give you that tingling sensation that your holiday really is right around the corner!


January is often a peak time for people booking holidays so there are plenty of deals to be had if you take the time now to investigate and start planning.


But the reason for us writing this post is to share with you our wonderful collection of travel-friendly shoes that are ideal for packing light. Of all the things to look forward to with the pre-holiday buzz, packing is definitely not one of them. And with space such a luxury, packing light is more important than ever before.


Cue our Cocorose shoes. Granted, the type of shoes that you'll need will depend on the kind of holiday that you'll be going on, but whether you'll be climbing mountains or lounging on the beach, there's one thing for certain and that's that you'll be glad to have packed a pair of your foldable Cocorose shoes!


Lightweight - 

With so many of our shoes weighing from approximately 300 grams (10.5 oz), they'll be light on your feet but also light on your case and won't weigh you down!


Foldable - 

All of the shoes in our Foldable collection are ... you guessed it... foldable! They've been so cleverly designed as what we call hybrid shoes, so you can wear them all day, every day, but they can also fold flat. You can read more about our Design & Foldability here. 


So many foldable shoes are made as 'emergency' shoes, so they're only meant to be worn during times of immense need and hence they have the thinnest soles with no support or cushioning. In fact, they even look like emergency shoes, which is not a good look!


Not Cocorose. Our shoes are beautifully soft, cushioned and padded in all the right places and have a proper, decent sole on them that rivals so many other everyday-wear flats out there. Comfort is by no means skimped on and is, in fact, just one of the reasons why we have built up such a loyal following. You can read more about our comfort factors here.


Portable - 

Each pair of our foldable shoes comes with their very own travel purse, making them so cleverly portable. Pop a pair into your handbag, suitcase or car glove compartment and be safe in the knowledge that you'll always have a pair on hand (or foot!).


Our non-leather foldable shoes are pre-folded into their matching travel purse, and our leather foldable shoes come packed in a stunning black and gold box with the travel purse, in black, nestled inside with the shoes.


Compact - 
Needless to say, when folded flat and zipped up in their travel purses, our shoes really are compact and so easy to pack. We defy you not to take at least another pair with you!


Versatile - 
Granted, you may just wish to take one pair of shoes with you, so it's important that they're versatile and will work across a number of different outfits. In gorgeous block colours from black to gold, whether sequinned, sparkly or woven for that effortlessly chic look, our shoes work wonders when paired with jeans to dresses. Your only challenge will be deciding which pair to go for!


Comfortable - 
We touched on comfort earlier and are repeating it here because it really is so important to us and, we know, to you too. To be honest, if a shoe isn't comfortable, it's pretty pointless wearing it. When you're on holiday, the last thing you need is to wear uncomfortable shoes. You'll be on your feet for a while, whether at the airport, running for the train, walking up and down the pier or sightseeing once you've reached your destination. Imagine walking along those ancient, rambling ruins or cobbled streets with painful feet!


With traditional shoes being one of the most difficult and cumbersome items to pack, it's no wonder that packing light has always been seen as a chore. But with our fabulous, foldable shoes, it really is possible and makes it rather enjoyable too!

Joanna Lumley wears her Cocorose shoes whilst travelling around India

Take it from the fabulous Joanna Lumley, who travelled around India with her Clapham style and from the gorgeous Author and Journalist Monisha Rajesh, who travelled around the world in 80 trains with no other than a pair of Cocorose's Sandringham ballerinas! We hope that you too will give our fabulous, foldable shoes a go.

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Going away next week and the only shoes I am taking are my Barbican’s and my Clapham’s.We will be going to the theatre, visiting galleries, fine dining, shopping and even surfing.. Summer here but can‘t wait for winter to wear my new boots.

Diane Philp January 22, 2020

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