Have You Got the January Blues?

Have You Got the January Blues? Plan Your Next Get-Away


The new year has arrived with its promises of optimism and a new dawn. Everything is going to be amazing this year! Except why are we left feeling so low at what is supposed to be a positive start to 2020?


January is a tough month to get through. We ate and drank our way through November and December, promising that we'd ditch the comfort food and booze come January. Have you?
We promised that we'd book onto those pilates sessions to stretch and lengthen our limbs and declutter our minds, so improving our mental health. Have you?


Although the shortest day of the year has passed, the days are still short. Darkness sets in at around 4pm and the cold, dreary Great British weather just leaves us longing for warmth and sunshine.


Plus it's back to the grind.


If you're feeling low, take heart in that you're not alone. This is the dreaded January Blues and it's all very normal. The weather, finances, the end of the festive season, our failure at sticking to our New Year's resolutions, low motivational levels and our feelings of needing change all play a part in creating the perfect storm.


But guess what? We've got 5 really simple, top tips that will help you feel better and make a positive difference to your January...


1. Head Outdoors - even for just 10 minutes
Take a breather and go outside. Exposure to daylight is good for us and our brains so even if you brought in a packed lunch, just head outside for a few minutes and you'll feel infinitely better (and be more productive!).


2. Forget Those Unrealistic New Year's Resolutions
Don't set yourself up to fail. Unrealistic resolutions will make you feel even worse when you don't stick to them or give up on them so instead, think about areas that you'd like to improve or change and then set realistic, achievable goals.


3. Plan Your Get-Away
Having something to look forward to gives us a sense of excitement, joy and purpose. So go on, book that holiday, even if it's just a staycation for a few days. Packing light needn't be a chore either. We've got a wonderful collection of travel-friendly shoes that will bring cheer to your holiday wardrobe. Foldable, compact, portable, lightweight, versatile and comfortable, you'll have space to pack a few pairs!
Packing light needn't be a chore with Cocorose London's wonderful collection of travel-friendly, portable and foldable shoes

4. Internal Reflection
Tune in to your emotional side and ask yourself what would make you happier. This is very similar to a resolution, but it's more poignant and hopefully will help you uncover some hidden thoughts. Are you concerned about your finances, health, family and friends or career? Think about ways that you can better yourself and your situation but remember, be realistic.


5. Get Moving
You don't need to join a gym (or do those pilates sessions!). But exercise is scientifically proven to lift spirits as it releases endorphins (the happy, feel-good hormones). So just get moving. Rather than take the bus, why not walk 1 bus stop length? You can always hop on the bus at the next stop.


So there we have it. Five simple and effective, top tips to keep you in good spirits this January. Remember, happiness is down to you so try to be positive and look on the bright side of things.

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