Party Season Favourites

The Best Flat and Foldable Party Shoes

'Tis the season to be jolly and to dig out your best festive, party season looks. For many, this may stir up mixed emotions of excitement followed by the dread of having to teeter about in heels. For those that are lucky, wearing heels doesn't pose an issue however, for the majority of women, on average, heels start to pinch after just 1 hour and 6 minutes of being worn. For 20% of us, heels start to hurt after just 10 minutes. 10 minutes!

So, to help you avoid having to stash a number of plasters in your purse to cover up dreaded blisters or to forgo the barefoot look, we've compiled an edit of some fabulous party flats which also happen to be foldable so you can either choose to wear your flats as first-choice footwear, or you can wear your heels and then change into your foldable flats when needed.

Afterall, when flats look (and FEEL) this amazing, why bother suffering in heels?!

Tried and tested by our wonderful Cocorosers, here are just some of your favourites for the party season...


The Royal Ballet Perdita

Royal Ballet Perdita Black Fold Up ShoeOur Perdita loafers have beautiful sequinned sparkles, are black (and go with absolutely everything) and are just so incredibly comfy to wear. They come pre-folded in their sparkly, sequinned purse which also has a black, satin carrier bag folded into its back pocket (so incredibly handy to carry your removed high heels in!) and we wouldn't be surprised if you end up using the gorgeous purse as your evening clutch! The Perdita flats are also part of our Royal Ballet collection so all in all, what's not to love?!



Paddington Copper

Cocorose London Paddington Copper Foldable Ballet Flats

What can be more festive than a pop of metallic? Don these fabulous, copper coloured, foldable ballerina flats and jazz up your outfits, from day to evening. Our Paddington flats also feature a CR branded disc on the miniature bow, giving a touch of feminine glitz and glam. Plus these are in the SALE so snap them up pronto! Limited sizes left.



Mayfair Black

 Mayfair Black Leather Scalloped Foldable Ballet Flat

"It's our Christmas night out on the town in Chester tonight and I'm seriously thinking of ditching the heels and just wearing these to be honest. With their pretty, French scalloped vibe, they have me hooked already." - Kathy

We're not surprised. These sophisticated Mayfair style ballet flats are hand-crafted using the softest nappa leather and minimise any pressure on your joints. They have gorgeous, scalloped detailing on the topline which give a chic and pretty edge, looking fabulous with dresses, wide legged trousers and jeans alike. With double cushioned, leather insoles, they are deliciously padded and pillowed to perfection, ensuring they not only look great, but they feel absolutely superb.



We have a stunning and super comfy collection of flats and foldable flats on our website, so why not head over to and have a browse? You can also read through some of our reviews from other Cocorosers and see what they love about their Cocorose shoes.

If you've got a festive party or event coming up or indeed, are after some beautiful and comfy flats to wear throughout your day, then head on over and let your feet sigh with relief!


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