Our Top 9 of 2019

Cocorose London | Our Top 9 of 2019

Well, what a year 2019 was! In true Instagram style, we collated our #top9 of 2019, which you can see in our little squares above. But to be honest, there were so many more amazing, memorable moments rather than just these chosen nine. Our involvement with BAFTA, marking our 10th consecutive year, for example (read more below!). Also, can we be totally honest too, and not shy away from the truth that there were also many moments that we're very happy to have left behind 🙈🤣?!

Firstly, as we reflect back on 2019, may we seize the moment to thank all of you, our wonderful Cocorosers, without whom we wouldn't be here today. Your trust, your loyalty and support, and your love for Cocorose shoes means the absolute world to us and means that we can continue to pursue our Cocorose journey and dream 💗 We are so pleased that you are on board with us and we hope that we'll have many more adventures and memories together!

So onto our highlights in our grid;
1. Our dear friend and serial Cocoroser Elodie in her Hoxton Grey Snake Print trainers. To be honest, this one is a bit of an untruth. We were contacted by an 'agency' who told us that we should be getting far more likes for our posts and then guaranteed they would get 500+ likes for every pic if we worked with them. They chose this picture as an example to show us they could get so many 'likes', hence it became our #1 liked image on Instagram! Regardless, we kindly turned down their offer as we don't work with any agencies to increase our likes. We prefer to be transparent and to ensure that our posts are seen and read by real Cocorosers rather than by bots or those that really don't care.

2 and 6. Our 12th birthday! A huuuuge thank you to all of you again for helping us to visualise our dream ♥️ And a massive shout out to @loverosie_cakes for the delicious cardamom and rose cake 😋 To read more about our big day, click here.

3 and 5. Pippa Middleton Matthews and Dame Helen Mirren in their latest Cocorose shoes 😊 Thank you 💗 Pippa is spotted here in her Hoxton Grey Snake Print trainers and Helen Mirren in her ballerinas.

4, 8 and 9. We launched our sell-out Hoxton trainers at the start of 2019 and they were your Instagram faves! We love pic 4 by @shop_bike_eat_repeat and pic 9 by @whatkathydidnext but we've also loved seeing our Hoxton trainers on the fabulous @racheltoal @thatgirlwiththebob @asnapshotofme @emilyroseross_x @stripeycoral @mrsmlmode and others that we've definitely missed out here ♥️

7. Our beautiful, little cherub Elin turned 1 in September! 💗 We spent the glorious afternoon in the garden, the sun was shining, we had lots of bubbles, the most fabulous cake, wonderful company and there was just pure joy, love and laughter all around. The way it should always be!

We mentioned earlier that there were lots of other highlights in 2019 as well, and one of them has got to be our partnership with BAFTA. Marking our 10th consecutive year, our Janan designed and created the actual, official gift bag for the BAFTA TV Awards that took place in May. What an honour and how fabulous to see our bag on the red carpet and being carried by such talented people, all nominated for the prestigious BAFTA award! The BAFTA red carpet and ceremony were also a joy and honour to attend and such fun to be involved in.

We spent the months of September and October travelling, and were in Milan and Osaka. In Milan, we showed our latest SS20 collection to the trade at the world-famous Micam shoe show. In Osaka, we were invited to join the week-long, prestigious British Fair at the Hankyu Umeda Department Store, which was incredible. 

And finally, although Janan spent the majority of the year to-ing and fro-ing from the office with Elin in tow, September marked a major milestone... the start of part-time nursery for Elin... meaning that Janan was finally back in the office, albeit for 3 days per week. But still, we all have to start somewhere!

So, with all of these heart-warming highlights fresh in our minds again, we look forward to what the new year - the start of a new decade! - will bring. Optimism, hope, enjoyment and joy, love and passion, humour and fun. Life. We haven't made any new year's resolutions as such, but one that we are looking forward to is to just really enjoy the journey that we're on.

And on that note, may we wish you a very Happy New Year 💋 Bring on 2020 🌠





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