New In: Fresh Velcro Trainers and Face Masks

Double strapped velcro trainers in white leather with hints of black and leopard print

January. It's the one month that should be full of excitement and promise of the year ahead. But for so many, January is often plagued with feeling melancholy and low. Perhaps not full-blown depression, but definitely desolate.

The exciting build up of Christmas and the dramatic highs of New Year have passed, we take down our Christmas trees and all the festive decorations and then the realisation hits us that Christmas is yet another year away; payday can't come soon enough; and the weather is absolutely dreary. New Year's resolutions are starting to wear thin and, to top it off this year, we're (still) right smack in the middle of a global pandemic and national lockdown!

In fact, Blue Monday, the third Monday of every New Year, has earned its nickname as it's considered to be the most depressing day of the year. And this year, it's due to fall on Monday the 18th. Sheesh!

So with such high expectations for the first month of the year, it really is little wonder that many are left feeling emotionally drained, exhausted and low.

But before we deep dive into (yet another) box of chocolates and wash them all down with the bottle of gin that was supposedly being saved for Uncle Charlie, just hang on in there. January does indeed have a lot of love to give... we just need to find it!

Women's Designer Trainers - classic white leather trainer with velcro straps, back heel tab and a little bit of leopard print

And so this year, considering all of the above (well ok, maybe not payday!), we've only gone and defied ourselves by launching (earlier than we would normally) these utterly fabulous, double velcro strapped Hoxton trainers. In fresh white leather with hints of leopard print and black, these trainers strike just the right balance between classic and trend. Slow fashion, hand-made in small batches, comfy as hell and built to last. What's not to love? You'll wear them immediately, even if your day currently consists of walking between the home office (aka the back room that's stuffed to the gunnels), fridge and bed. But you'll have on the most amazing shoes, your endorphins (happy hormones) will be running high and you'll feel incredibly fabulous. Plus Uncle Charlie will be ever so grateful for the (unopened) bottle of gin! An absolute win-win all around.

 Quality, beautiful, floral print face masks that are well made and comfortable to wear

So ok, maybe you do need payday to roll on a little so in the meantime, whilst you're waiting, have a look at our superb collection of face masks, available in both cotton and silk. They make a lovely (and so relevant) pick-me-up plus you'll feel warm and fuzzy knowing that you're helping The Honeypot Children's Charity, as we donate profits from the sale of our face masks to this incredible charity which supports young children between the ages of 5-12 who are carers for their family members.

In the picture above are our New In masks; Laura Rose, uplifting in pink and orange, and Cherry Blossoms in pink and blue. Both prints are available in our curved and pleated styles, have adjustable ear loops, filter pocket and nose wire (in the pleated masks) and come complete with a matching storage pouch. Seriously fabulous.

If, on the other hand, you find yourself not in the mood for shopping (yes, I know this sounds crazy but I need to mention this, just in case!) then it's important to recognise that perhaps this feeling of deflation and exhaustion does indeed mean that you need some me-time to rest, rejuvenate and recharge your batteries.

If ever we need to consider the positives of lockdown, then, apart from the obvious, we can also use this time of staying at home to properly reflect and rest. Have a lie in (your commute is only 20 seconds, afterall), put your feet up (don't those trainers look fabulous!), alleviate the post Christmas and New Year pressure and just heal. Focus on the positive things happening in the days, weeks and months ahead and don't forget to celebrate your achievements from the past year. There will be many so just zero in on them to help revive, refresh and inspire yourself for the journey ahead.

If you find that you're still feeling under the weather and basically want to go into hibernation for a bit longer, it may also be a good idea to set yourself realistic, achievable and small daily or weekly goals. Things such as going for a 20 minute walk in the garden instead of joining the gym and promising yourself that you'll go three times a week; baking a cake or soaking in a hot bath to unwind and de-stress. Little steps. Day by day.

And before you know it, January won't be all doom and gloom but a wonderful month to start your year off on.

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