Some Days, There Won't Be a Song In Your Heart. Sing Anyway.

As we continue to live through Groundhog Day, I know the toll this long and what seems to be a never-ending situation is having on our well being. Not being able to physically see friends and family, not being able to head to the gym for exercise or social contact, and for many, not being able to have routine such as commuting or going to a place of work apart from the kitchen table is really posing its challenges.

A very close friend, who lives alone, is going through an incredibly tough time mentally. So fragile, I can feel her urgency for the situation to pass. And yet she counts herself as one of the lucky ones. She recognised the strain and anxiety that the past year has had on her and she reached out for help, both friendship and professional. But she knows all too well that there are so many that won't. And so many that will, but may not be deemed 'at risk' and so will probably fall through the cracks. She was initially one of the latter, but has been strong enough to persist and ensure she'd get through the system. As she says, one of the lucky ones.  

I didn't realise soon enough that she was struggling and she's the first to reassure me that there really were no clues that I could have picked up on. As she says, even the professionals told her there didn't seem to be much they could offer.

I'm thankful for her persistence to get help and how, even on the toughest of days, she tries to find that song to sing. We're all going through a real life pressure tunnel and, although things may seem OK on the surface, maybe they're not OK deeper down. We need to talk more. Listen even more. Look out for each other and ask how we're doing.

​I received the most uplifting email last night from another Cocoroser who has been battling cancer of the vocal chords over the past number of months. I know she's been trying to stay positive but that there have been many moments when it's been really difficult. Honestly, I shed a tear when she told me that she's finally clear of it! I am overjoyed and so relieved for her and her family. 2021 is not a bad year afterall.

Speaking of which, we know we're living in different times when we talk about uplifting messages and vaccinations in the same sentence! Although it really doesn't feel like it at the moment, that little light at the end of the tunnel is growing. More and more people I know are receiving the vaccine. It is being rolled out. Too slow, perhaps, but so grateful that it's happening.

Rather timely, I came across this quote the other day which I'd love to share with you;
Some days there won't be a song in your heart. Sing anyway.

So difficult to do when you're feeling the pressure and battling all the demons and anxieties. But little steps - little songs - everyday are an incredibly powerful achievement, even if often it doesn't feel that way.

The two stories above, although so different, join together in the strength of these individuals to win their battles. Neither have had an easy journey thus far but both have hope, courage, patience and the ability to dig deep and find that little song everyday.

Kindness. Love. Togetherness.


Thank you for your uplifting and honest reflections of the times we find ourselves in. It is good to know that it isn’t just me, and others are sometimes finding it hard to see the good in what we have and to count our blessings. You are a gem!

Carol Croome January 18, 2021

Many thanks for your uplifting reflections!!

Rosemary Woodman January 14, 2021

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