"I can’t wait to see what products you come up with next!"

Cocorose London Skincare - Beautiful, new and luxurious skincare range including premium, quality hand creams and washes and salt body scrubs in wild rose and fig and vanilla


Today, I received a beautiful, wonderful email from Sheridan, long time Cocoroser and always so positive and uplifting.

She signed off by saying, "I can’t wait to see what products you come up with next!" at which point I became giddy with excitement because the wheels have indeed been turning.

When I founded Cocorose all those years ago, I remember the evening so clearly when Gareth and I were chatting about what to name my new venture. Although it was clearly foldable shoes that I started with, we both agreed that we wanted to have a beautiful name with a boutique-y feel to it. One that would allow us to extend our collection and product portfolio if ever the time felt right.

Cocorose London Skin Care Range - New, Quality Products such as Hand Creams and Hand Washes in Wild Rose and Fig & Vanilla Scents

Without wanting to spoil the surprise, I have been considering a product line extension into beautiful skincare. Nothing complicated; just a few really gorgeous, choice products such as quality hand creams and hand washes, luxurious salt scrubs and perhaps candles. Think beautiful, natural products with scents such as Wild Rose or Fig & Vanilla. And all beautifully packaged, perfect for gifts or self-gifting - just as you have come to know Cocorose for.

What do you think? Is this something that you would be interested in coming to us for? Please do let me know as your feedback would really help to direct and shape what is currently a very 'blue sky' concept.

This is just the start of what could potentially be a long journey for us but I'm excited at the prospects of it and of bringing you beautiful, new and luxurious skincare products for your every day use.

Thank you Cocorosers, I look forward to hearing from you soon! xx


Go for it! Whatever you do I’m sure it will be beautiful and practical. I love the smell of roses so I will be an eager customer.
Good luck with your ventures and stay safe 😘 love jacqui and the woofs xxx

Jacqui Hollingsworth August 08, 2020

Definitely go for it, you are passionate about what you do and you’d put the same amount of thought and care you do into everything else. I’d be very happy to try a few luxury items e.g. for a treat and extra relaxing shower after a long day in the now virtual office, also further down the line perhaps some skincare – neck/décolletage; face moisturiser; facial sprays …. Stay well :)

Kathryn August 08, 2020

Yes, yes, yes. That’s an amazing idea. Especially if it’s towards being for sensitive skin products.

Sue August 08, 2020

I am so glad my email was uplifting and timely for you Janan – little did I know that you already had another great product idea in mind! Personally I love luxury hand creams/hand washes with beautiful scents, and which are kind to the skin, so I can’t wait to see you introduce those – I would be one of the first customers!

Sheridan August 08, 2020

Would love to see you produce skin care products ,if they’re anything like your other ranges they’ll be wonderful .

Sue Dawson August 08, 2020

Face creams are my fav!
Currently a big, rhymes with hush, user – but felt sad after their anti police window displays last year.
Looking forward to seeing what you do.

Kate Meron August 08, 2020

Absolutely go for it I’m so excited to see what’s coming . If anything like your masks and other products they will be amazing xx

Monica Wilkinson August 07, 2020

Body scrubs would be great especially for us in the Southern Hemisphere with summer around the corner ..
I’ve also started to use Neck creams and hand creams are always a great handbag favourite.

Alison August 07, 2020

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