Happy Mother's Day from Janan and Elin

Happy Mother's Day from Cocorose London

Hello Cocorosers,

Even though it's not Mother's Day anywhere else in the world except for here in the UK & Ireland, I wanted to send all of our Cocorosers much love and best wishes during these difficult times. This year, we're faced with a Mother's Day like no other, with so many of us without our family and loved ones around us. I'm thinking of you all in this unprecedented situation and sending you all love and positive vibes. 

I also know that for so many of you, this very special day can be really hard. Especially for those that have lost their mum or are struggling to become a mother themselves.

But we should remember that Mother figures come in many different forms. So here's to all the women that gave and continue to give us life, raised and supported us and taught us how to be good people. Mums, grandmothers, sisters, aunts, guardians and friends - this goes out to all the strong, smart, brave and beautiful women in our lives that inspire us every single day.

Elin's Mother's Day card to Janan | Cocorose LondonElin will be calling her Nene and Barbar (her grandmothers!) and we'll rack up the mobile data and free minutes calling so many others too. It may be tempting to visit others but please stay home, stay safe, potter in the garden, read a book, call friends and family and we'll get through this quicker together.

Keep Safe and Carry On,

Janan & Team Cocorose xx

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