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We're often asked, "Who is the Cocorose Woman"? But the truth is, our customers aren't a marketing persona and so we don't just have one. Our campaign "In Your Shoes" tells the wonderful stories of our Cocorosers, from all walks of life and from all around the world. Strong, beautiful and completely unique - we can't wait to introduce you to each other.

In Virginia's Shoes | In Your Shoes by Cocorose London

"I won’t let this virus beat me," says Virginia defiantly.

"Yes, these are worrying times, but we mustn’t let this Coronavirus beat our spirits. Of course, we have to be careful and protect ourselves; that goes without saying."

Wise words, coming from long time Cocoroser Virginia, who is half Chinese and half German and mum to a beautiful Golden Retreiver Cooper.
Cooper the Golden Retriever | In Virginia's Shoes by Cocorose London
Virginia continues, "I am in general a very positive person and I'm a firm believer that a positive outlook and mind help you through the most difficult of circumstances."

I absolutely love Virginia's positivity and, after just hearing her say that, my own spirits have been lifted and I once again feel that if we come together as a unit, then we can beat this damned coronavirus.

Like many others, Virginia does worry. Her other half has underlying health conditions, so they have to be extra careful and take further precautions.

"The most important thing though, is not to panic and for us all to use our common sense."

Very sensibly said. For those who have gone panic shopping and have stripped the shelves clear of everything, are you listening up?!

Speaking of which, I saw a great post this morning on Instagram. It said something along the lines of;
In Virginia's Shoes by Cocorose London | Stop panic shopping over coronavirus
Love it. So again, please think, have compassion and use your common sense.

As an entrepreneur, I've always loved supporting other women in business, especially if they're a fellow Cocoroser. And, in times like this, never before has this support been so vital.
Virginia makes the most beautiful hand made stationery and cards | In Virginia's Shoes by Cocorose London
With a passion for family and creativity, Virginia is fortunate that her hobby is also her job. She creates the most beautiful wedding stationery, handmade cards and gifts. 

But alas, she doesn't sell them online, as she can only make so many at a time, keeping them so wonderfully exclusive and special. She has a lovely customer base that has been with her for quite a while and her work comes through recommendations and customer loyalty.
Beautiful hand made gifts | In Virginia's Shoes by Cocorose London
"Often when I have made the wedding invitations, my customers come back when they have a baby and I make the baby announcement cards. I love this because there's a real sense of continuity and family."
Exclusive hand made cards | In Virginia's Shoes by Cocorose London
Being in business myself, I completely understand. There really is nothing better than a happy and loyal customer with whom you can build a wonderful relationship with.

When I ask Virginia about her Cocorose story, she says that her foldable shoes have been a life saver for her in the last few years and she's so glad to have found us. 

She stumbled across Cocorose when she was flicking through the Sunday paper supplement and, after doing incredibly thorough research online, she ordered her first pair. She now has nine pairs and counting!
In Virginia's Shoes by Cocorose London | Comfotable flats for plantar fasciitis and problem feet
Virginia suffers from plantar fasciitis and has always had problems with her feet. The days of wearing heels are long gone and she needs quality, comfortable flat shoes.

"Unfortunately, most flat shoes are so flat that they hurt. They have no padding or structure but with my Cocorose shoes, I wear them around the house, driving the car, for lunch with the girls and on a night out. They're great for taking on holiday, as they virtually don’t take up any space either."

With the travel ban that's recently come into force, it's unlikely that Virginia will be travelling anywhere anytime soon, but wearing her shoes out and about at home during this self-isolation period is ideal as she can so easily just slip them on for a turn around the garden and then slip them off and into a clean pair when she goes back inside.
In Virginia's Shoes by Cocorose London | Foldable Leather Shoes | Comfortable Flats
I asked Virginia for her top tips about how to stay positive throughout these unprecedented times.

"I feel really good today. The weather is lovely and I've just come back from a brisk walk with Cooper."

It's true. Getting some fresh air and, if possible, some natural sunlight will do you wonders.

With an 18 month old to run around after, I found myself the other day just turning my face up to the sunlight and taking a few deep breaths and this really helped to relax and calm me.

The other top tip that Virginia has is to try and not gain too much information from the TV or internet as "that in itself can make things worse. An information overload can sometimes do more harm than good.

"I also find a good cuddle with hubby and my dog very therapeutic."

Thank you Virginia for such an open and honest account and may I wish all of our Cocorosers positivity, safety and health. We will get through this together.




Hi Jackie,
Thanks so much for your message.
Yes, Virginia’s shoes are indeed Cocorose shoes. This style, called our Highbury ballerinas, was from a few seasons ago and we did them in blue and pink. They’re gorgeous but sadly we don’t have them in stock anymore. Perhaps we need to consider bringing them back again!
Please do have a look at our other ballerina styles that we have and hopefully you’ll find another pair that you love :)
Thanks so much again, Janan xx

Janan March 23, 2020

Are Virginia’s shoes as pictured Corpse? Would love to buy.

Jackie March 23, 2020

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