Cocorose London's Vegan Trainer Range: A Passion Project Pioneering Sustainable Footwear

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Hello Cocorosers 💗

For a good few years now, we've embarked on a passion project journey inspired to, once again, make a difference and meaningful impact within the fashion industry by introducing a thoughtfully designed and meticulously crafted collection of vegan footwear. Recognising the common association in the fashion industry of vegan with plastic, this project has involved extensive research and innovation to offer a responsible vegan collection that goes beyond the conventional boundaries and realms of plastic.

 As a brand, we've always been naturally inquisitive about new developments and innovations - having invented and pioneered the foldable shoe over 16 years ago - and we remain dedicated to exploring and integrating eco-friendly alternatives. Being in the industry, I've been privvy to a whole host of fantastic developments in sustainable materials, such as yarn spun from recycled plastic bottles and the growth in plant-based leathers such as mushroom leather, apple leather, grape leather and of course, cactus leather.

cactus leather trainer

Our initiative to launch a responsible vegan range stems from a broader commitment to meet the evolving preferences of today's consumers. In an era where we increasingly seek products with a greater purpose, our vegan range is not just about embracing a trendy lifestyle, but also a conscientious choice helping to contribute to a more sustainable future.

As a brand, we have consistently fostered sustainability through various initiatives such as our recycle and plant-a-tree schemes and our ethos for slow fashion and promoting quality over quantity. Our commitment to responsibly hand-craft and our small-batch-production approach minimises wastage and over production. The use of ethically sourced, premium leathers (one of the most sustainable materials, boasting natural and biodegradable qualities as a by-product of the food industry) underscores our dedication to sustainability.

 Our ambitious and innovative project to launch a sustainable collection of women's vegan trainers crafted from plant-based leathers and incorporating recycled materials is a watershed, not just for Cocorose London, but for the wider fashion and footwear industry. Securing the support from Innovate UK, the UK's innovation agency earlier this year, reflects the significance of this endeavour. Their funding has fuelled the research and innovation behind the collection, enabling us to bring our vision to life and setting a precedent for sustainability in the broader fashion and footwear landscape. womens vegan trainers

The Desert Rose Collection by Cocorose London

Introducing our debut Plant-Powered, capsule collection of vegan trainers, thoughtfully designed and crafted to prioritise exceptional comfort, style and well-being. Renowned for redefining footwear comfort, our new, vegan range is no exception and continues this tradition by seamlessly blending innovative materials with a timeless aesthetic suitable for everyday wear. The use of organic cactus leather ensures a soft and supple finish whilst the rubber soles, injected with 30% recycled cork, provide a durable and supportive foundation for every step. The luxurious footbeds are contoured and indulgently cushioned, contributing to an overall sense of comfort and support. The Desert Rose Collection by Cocorose London


Our Kew style features five versatile and stylish colourways and exudes sophistication without compromising on comfort. Four models showcase off-white cactus leather with accents in Bordeaux, Blue Marine, Mostaza or Beige on the heel tab, whilst the fifth model boasts a sleek, all-black design. Each pair is adorned with our logo on the heel tab and carries our impactful Plant-Powered message, discreetly printed on both the footbed and underside of the tongue, reflecting our commitment to responsible vegan footwear and sustainability. 

Bordeaux Kew

Blue Marine Kew

Mostaza Kew

Beige Kew

Black Kew


Our dedication to this project extends beyond trends; it reflects our commitment to designing stylish women’s footwear that aligns with 21st century lifestyles and principles, where fashion and environmental consciousness seamlessly coexist. I cordially invite you to step into the future of footwear with us today and explore our plant-powered collection of responsible vegan sneakers.

Janan & Team Cocorose xx

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