Flash Quiz: Why do we wear high heels?

Here's a flash quiz for you...Question: Why do we wear high heels? Is it: A.) Because we want to look and feel like a million dollars. B.) Because flats just won't do with that knock-out dress. C.) Because we want to be taller. The answer? Well of course it could quite easily be all three but according to recent research by tootsie care experts Compeed it's 'C'. Following a survey of 3,792 women in 5 countries, Compeeds research reveals that British women are the champs when it comes to wearing sky-scraper heels all because we want to compensate for our height. Apparently British women are among the shortest in Europe with the average height of an 18 to 29 year old standing at 163cm. We tower and consequently totter over our European cousins by wearing the highest heels in Europe, with an average heel height of 3.3 inches! In stark contrast French women wear 2.4 inched heels closely followed by Germany (2.7 inches), Denmark (3 inches) and Spain (3.2 inches). In some cases, British women are prepared to wear what we like to refer to as a killer heel, 25% of women surveyed wear heels that are 4 to 6 inches high, and put up with a dull ache of a pain that is on par with toothache and earache. Ouch! The very thought is enough to make us reach for our Cocorose's...
But all this pain begs the question, why are we willing to sacrifice comfort for height? Psychologist, Emma Kenny states that it's all to do with the power of perception, 'tall women are considered more assertive, confident, richer, capable, successful, independent and even more intelligent than their shorter peers.' And if this is the case then it clearly explain why so many women opt for those killer heels. At Cocorose London we embrace all heights and are opting to stay just as stylish (without the pain) with our Cocorose London foldable ballet pumps. And in case we would like to wear heels (and sometimes of course we do), we'll always be armed with our Cocoroses, as we can kick off our heels at any time and easily carry them in the handy shoulder bag. With thanks to Compeed    

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