The Glamourous Lady Next Door

"Shoe survey reveals women continue to fall for killer heels", writes the latest issue of Footwear Today magazine. Apparently, a good pair of heels can send a lady's heart rate soaring to 120 beats per minute, according to Saga who conducted the survey. Isn't that pretty comparable to a pounding heart that's just fallen in love?! And, on the other hand, did you know that "fashion conscious women go to such extreme lengths to wear trendy shoes that one in ten women admits they have had to receive medical attention or even be hospitalised because of them"? Oh yes, the top injuries caused by shoes were broken ankles, twisted knees, infected blisters, bunions and torn tendons, according to a new survey by Hotter Shoes. To be honest, we believe the love affair between women and high heels is here to stay and we at Cocorose London HQ plead as guilty as the glamorous lady next door for wanting to wear these super-human creations. Let's not forget, this was the sole reason that we created Cocorose London's innovative and unique, folding shoes, to wear as an equally stylish alternative to our high heels so that we won't suffer from any of the above. You can be sure that said glamorous lady next door Cocoroses It everyday too. As she so elegantly phrased it, "it's not my style to wear a cast, especially from the hip down" and on that note, she slipped out of her stilettos and into her Cocoroses. So the next time your heart skips a beat and you fall for those deliciously feathered and bejewelled platform heels in the boutique window, make sure you don't become a victim of this statistic. Carry your Cocoroses in your handbag like the glamourous lady next door and Cocorose It when you need to change out of your heels and into your Cocorose foldable shoes.

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