Princess Beatrice to "Cocorose It"!

Photos of Princess Beatrice wearing clumpy trainers in the wee small hours of the morning after the Royal Wedding party at Buckingham Palace raised eyebrows among media mavens, fashionistas, film stars and other young royals. The Princess, wearing a glamorous, deep purple and gold asymmetric gown that showed off her slim figure, would have done well to "Cocorose It" with a pair of Cocorose London's stylish and uber-comfortable, foldable ballet pumps that come in a petite posh purse, with hidden shoulder bag to carry her removed Valentino high heels.
Princess Beatrice in her stunning evening gown... and plimsoles!
We think that Cocorose's silky and rich, oyster coloured "Portia" folding shoes would have complemented her outfit superbly, without going down the matchy-matchy route that TPT sported earlier in the day. Perhaps Princess Beatrice would have preferred a simple and classic, black foldaway ballet pump, in which case we'd highly recommend the "Espresso Rush", slinky black number. Something tells us that understated isn't really what the young Princess was after though, judging by her flamboyantly festive outfit she chose for the Wedding ceremony!
Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice Arriving for the Royal Wedding in their Wonderfully Flamboyant Outfits
In which case, we offer Princess Beatrice option number three, which is the stunning "Teal" fold up pumps, with their striking gemstone-rich, blue colour. Yes m'Lady, this is colour blocking at its best! Cocorose London's fabulously chic, folding ballet pumps are available at Fortnum & Mason, Chewton Glen and Necker Island and are also online at
Cocorose London... The Sole of Chic for Royal and Non-Royal Post Wedding Party Feet...
Photos from The Daily Mail,

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