Why Should I Care About the Football?

* Written 8th July 2021 *

New Face Masks in Cotton and Silk

Hello Cocorosers 💗
How are you?

I guess like most, it's been pretty hard to ignore the football, even if it doesn't normally occupy your time. To be honest, I do get enjoyment from watching the games but I'm quite happy missing them too. What I do love about it though, is the bringing together of people in conversation, irrespective of who they support. It's a tricky time at the moment, and having something to look forward to does seem to get the endorphins pumping and brings happiness and joy to many.

Boris' big announcement about lifting all social distancing measures from the 19th of July - dubbed Freedom Day - has also been big news this week. How do you feel about it? From the conversations that I've had with many of you (and requests for new designs and restocking of our face masks), it's clear there is still some unease, which is natural. For those that are seeing the face mask as an accessory for a while yet, we've just restocked lots of lovely designs and also have a few new ones to select from too 😊 Personally for me, being quite heavily pregnant now (7 months and counting!), I will definitely be taking extra precautions and enjoying a mix and match of face coverings with outfits.

Happy Shopping! 🥳

Stay safe and sending you lots of love,
Janan & Team Cocorose xx


Hoxton white leather trainers with yellow stars

Gareth asked me why there was a star hanging down in the picture and all I could say was... well, sometimes we just need to do something a bit fun and random! So a hanging star there is! On a serious note, this wonderful, felt yellow star was sent to us by a very happy Cocoroser who said that we had brightened her day and brought her happiness. How lovely is that?! ⭐


Why choose Cocorose face masks?

If you feel more comfortable heading out with a face covering, please consider our collection. Whether you prefer yours in cotton or silk, with or without a nose wire, in a curved or pleated style... we have a beautiful range that's comfortable, breathable and stylish. Plus profits go to The Honeypot Children's Charity 💕



Janan 7 months pregnant

7 months pregnant but I've been a busy bee working on my new Hi-Top sneaker designs... in the pipeline to come soon!

And finally  at Hitchin Lavender Farm... Janan and Elin at Hitchin Lavender Farm

Not sure I got my fair share of the tub though... 🤣

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