The Queen & A Tree For Every Order

* Wriiten 4th November 2021 *

The most comfortable flats

Hello Cocorosers 💗
How are you?

I listened to the Queen's speech at the opening of COP26 and, perhaps I wanted to, but I'm sure I could almost feel her frustration when she addressed the members of the conference and world leaders. "What leaders do for their people today is government and politics. But what they do for the people of tomorrow - that is statesmanship," she said. "We are doing this not for ourselves but for our children and our children’s children, and those who will follow in their footsteps" she continued. Now, far be it for me to say, but I almost wish she made it more personal and said YOUR children and YOUR grandchildren, referring to the 'leaders' in the room...

Bringing it closer to home, to this small business, we have always tried to 'tread lightly' on our planet. We continue to critique the materials we use, the creation process and how we move our designs - and ourselves - around. But we wanted to do more and so, this year, we partnered with Ecologi to help all of us make a bigger impact. On our behalf, Ecologi will plant One Tree for Every Order placed with us. Of course, this is not the end of our sustainability journey - just another beginning - but trees are so critical in the battle to prevent ecological collapse. As the Queen said, "the world has the chance to join in the shared objective of creating a safer, stabler future for our people and for the planet on which we depend."

And finally, I had to show off our Clapham Coral loafers because they're back in stock! So wonderfully comfortable, you'll find that you can walk for miles - better for you, better for our planet 🥰

Stay safe and sending you lots of love,
Janan & Team Cocorose xx

New In cotton face coverings with adjustable ear loops

Our gorgeous and new Harriet face masks, in both the curved and pleated styles. Don't forget - for every face mask, we donate profits to The Honeypot Children's Charity, who support young carers between the ages of 5 - 12 years.




Silver leather ballet flats

Wonderful! First shoes I’ve ever had that I could wear right out of the box, walk 6 miles and not have a single blister or mark. Colour is great too. Goes with everything.
- Jennifer S.


Natural wax rose candle

Cocorose is such a lovely company. Everything they do is wonderful and this candle is no exception. The smell is divine and I love the look of it too. Thank you. As always.
- Jane D.


Family is everything

For the past 2 months, we've been so lucky to have my mum around (plus the extra pair of hands to help with Elin and her little brother has been invaluable!). Here we were the other day - far too early in the morning to look half decent! Life will return to normal one day soon, and visiting family and friends will, once again, become the norm. For without family and friends, what is there? 💗

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