The Pink Collection - Supporting Breast Cancer Research

The Pink Collection Supporting Breast Cancer Research

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It's a stark fact when you read the words that One in every Eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. These are figures for the UK, and it's interesting that the numbers vary for different parts of the world, mainly due to factors such as climate and the surrounding environment, diet, genetics and age of first pregnancy. Thankfully, due to the incredible research that's being done all over the world and the open discussions about breast cancer that we're having today, not all diagnoses are terminal.

October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I'm honoured that we're taking part. We've pulled together a wonderful collection of all things pink - The Pink Collection - and we'll also donate 10% of sales from The Pink Collection to The Pink Ribbon Foundation 💗

Scroll down to see a lovely edit from The Pink Collection plus I've also highlighted a few more facts and figures about breast cancer and included a breast self-examination guide for you below 💞

Stay safe and sending you lots of love,
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Breast cancer starts in the breast tissue, most commonly in the cells that line the milk ducts of the breast. What happens is that abnormal cells in the breast begin to grow and multiply in an uncontrolled way and it is these cells that eventually form a growth (tumour).



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Although rare, breast cancer also affects men. Did you know that in the UK, one person every 10 minutes will be diagnosed with breast cancer? This makes it the most common cancer in the UK. In fact, breast cancer was the most common cancer worldwide in 2020.



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The first and most widely noticed symptom of breast cancer is a lump in the breast. However, most breast lumps are benign lumps and aren't cancerous but it's always important to get a breast lump checked by your doctor, just to be sure.



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There are four stages of breast cancer, from 1 to 4. Survival rates for breast cancer are generally good, particularly if you're diagnosed early. That's why it's so important to self-examine yourself.



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Checking your breasts only takes a few minutes - and it could make all the difference 💗

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