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How To Pack Shoes For Your Summer Holidays - Cocorose shoes are foldable, compact, lightweight, portable and versatileThe Art of Travelling Light

At Cocorose, we know that packing light can be tricky and shoes, with their odd and bulky shapes, tend to be the main culprits. But step this way, as Cocorose shoes are perfectly designed for your everyday travelling adventures.

Below we have highlighted our top 4 design tips that make for the perfect travel shoes;

1. Comfort.

This is absolutely essential. After all, if you're going on holiday, the last thing you want is a pair of shoes that would hurt your feet. From the second you leave home, you'll be on your feet and walking for miles, whether it be at the airport, the train station, or even the pier waiting for the yacht. And, whilst you're away, the last thing you want to be doing is thinking about sore and painful feet.

Cocorose shoes are all hand made using the softest leathers and materials and have inbuilt comfort factors such as double cushioned insoles, pillowed Achilles heels and thick rubber soles with decent heels to ward off any feelings of foot agony and ensure your feet stay comfortable.

Every pair flexes with the natural movement of your feet from the moment you put them on so there's no need to break into them. Bliss!

2. Size.

Airlines are getting stricter with their baggage allowances, whether it be for checking in or taking on board.

These baggage restrictions therefore call for light and clever packing. Our travel friendly shoes are lightweight, compact and super portable. They're easily packable too, as they fold into their travel purse, making it so easy for you to pack into your hand luggage, handbag or checked baggage.

No more packing odd and bulky shaped shoes!

3. Versatility.

Anyone who has tried packing smart and light will know the importance of versatility.

Versatility is absolutely key when it comes to shoes as it allows you to wear and pair them with everything, from day to night.

With their beautiful designs and incredible comfort, you can literally wear your Cocorose shoes from day to night and dress them up or dress them down depending on the event.

4. Style.

Beautiful design should never, ever be sacrificed and with Cocorose shoes, it never is, even despite the incredible comfort.

It's always been our mission to empower you, to ensure that you feel confident when you wear your Cocorose shoes. And we know that feeling confident comes from when you look great and feel even more amazing.  

So there we have it. Beautiful shoes that fold, are portable, lightweight, compact, versatile, stylish AND comfortable. Packing has never been more enjoyable.

Bon voyage!

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