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Supporting Children's Mental Health | Hoxton Rainbow Trainers

There's been a lot of discussion about schools and nurseries re-opening in the UK in June and, whether one sends their child in or not, I believe it's an incredibly personal decision to make. This is the time to do what's right for you. Both sides of the argument have their merits so put aside others' opinions as this has to be your risk assessment. Afterall, you - and no-one else - knows what's best for your child.

A good friend and Cocoroser Cherene sent me this beautiful but heart-wrenching poem. We haven't been able to track down the author to give them credit so if you know who it might be, please let me know.

First day back to school today
My tummy feels all funny
Can't wait to see my friends again
But something's wrong with mummy

First day back to school today
No photo by the door
Mummy said, "No, not today."
But why I'm not quite sure.

First day back to school today
Can't wait to play with Sue
I'll squish her with my bestest hug
And share all my toys, it's true!

First day back to school today
We lined up by the gate
I spotted Sue, I tried to run
But mummy shouted, "Wait!"

First day back to school today
I waved goodbye to Mummy
A little tear rolled down her cheek
The ache grew in my tummy

First day back to school today
I'm no longer in Sue's class
Miss explained, "We cannot mix!"
As I peered in through the glass

First day back to school today
Our play times were all strange
Just my group, no extra friends
Why did things have to change?

First day back to school today
I tripped and grazed my knee
Miss stayed back as she wiped me clean
Why is she scared of me?

First day back to school today
I learnt how not to share
And how to stay away from friends
To show them that I care

First day back to school today
My teacher waved goodbye
Mummy wrapped me in her arms
And we both tried not to cry

The knock-on, mental effects of the coronavirus will be with all of us for many years to come. That's why I feel so passionate about my new Hoxton Rainbow Trainers, which are helping to raise money to support children's mental health. For every pair of Rainbow trainers purchased, we will donate £20 to this essential cause. You can read more about my new Rainbow Trainers by clicking here

Wishing all of our parents, grandparents, carers, teachers, siblings, friends - basically, everyone, as we are all affected by the re-opening of schools and nurseries - strength, support and lots of love.


Wow, so simple and powerful. Made me cry.
Good luck with the project!

Lizzie Dunford June 01, 2020

Love to all Mums and their little ones at this difficult time.
My son is a man now! Your heartfelt poem reminded me of his early years and brought tears to my eyes. Take good care, everyone. x

Jacqueline June 01, 2020

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