Silk Face Coverings are More Effective and Better for the Environment, Study Confirms

Silk pleated and lined face masks and face coverings

We already have evidence from leading dermatologists that silk face coverings will dramatically reduce skin irritations and breakouts, compared to disposable, synthetic masks.

Now, a new laboratory-based study* has just highlighted the superb capacity of silk to repel water droplets, thanks to its ‘hydrophobicity’, or resistance to the penetration of such small and aerosolized droplets. In fact, the silk which was tested repelled droplets just as well as a surgical, single-use face mask and silk also has the added advantage of being able to be washed and reused, rather than becoming a disposable, single-use item that causes issues for the planet.

Silk lined and silk pleated face masks and face coverings

Responding to this study, we've added to our silk face mask collection and have launched a new range of silk lined and silk pleated face masks that come complete with nose wire, filter pocket and adjustable, elastic ear loops.

Silk lined and pleated silk face masks and face coverings

Currently, our new, pleated silk face mask collection comes in Peach, Gold, Rose Gold, Grey Pearl and Blue-Grey and, like all of our face masks, come with a matching pouch, in which to store the mask when not being worn.

 All of the silk used to make our silk face coverings is high-grade, premium quality mulberry silk and all masks, whether silk or muslin cotton-lined, include an internal pocket, in which to fit a filter paper and adjustable elastic ear loops. All of our silk masks, regardless of lining, will offer the same resistance to droplets that was highlighted in the study.

Gold pleated silk and silk lined face mask and face covering | soft and breathable | reduces maskne

What Else is Special About Silk?
Silk, as a natural material, also has lots of other benefits that numerous studies have shown. It is naturally hypoallergenic, which means that anyone who is sensitive to pollens or other allergens may benefit greatly from wearing a silk face mask. Silk also contains antimicrobial, antiviral and antibacterial properties that need further research. 


Royal Blue Silk Face Covering and Face Masks | best silk masks for maskne | quality silk face coverings 

Silk fibres are also naturally temperature regulating, which means that your body can easily regulate its own temperature. The benefit of this is that you won't get all hot and stuffy under your mask!

Silk face coverings are also beneficial for your skin, especially compared to synthetic fabrics and plastics used in disposable masks, as silk doesn't absorb moisture from your skin and doesn't trap as much humidity, which means that silk tends to be more breathable and far gentler on the skin (bye bye, maskne!).

Pleated silk face covering with silk lining and matching pouch in peach

Where to Buy Your Silk Face Masks

There are lots of silk face masks on the market now but before buying, please consider a number of important factors which will ensure you get the right mask for you.

All of our silk masks are carefully handcrafted using only mulberry silk. Mulberry Silk is created by silkworms who feed on mulberry leaves. The silk they spin their cocoons into is then used as silk in silk products. Mulberry Silk is the best silk you can buy for textile purposes because it's incredibly soft and durable. There are other kinds of silk, such as spider silk, for example, which is super strong (apparently as strong as steel!) and very expensive, but it's not available to the general public as it can't be made in commercial quantities. 100% means that the fabric only consists of Mulberry silk. This is important because some companies will blend mulberry silk with other, cheaper silks to make a cheaper product. All of the silks used to make our masks are high grade, premium quality mulberry silk.


Pleated silk face masks with silk lining, adjustable elastic ear loops, filter pocket and matching storage pouch

We spent months working on the design and pattern of our masks to get it right, to ensure a comfortable yet snug fit by shaping and contouring to fit your face. A quality fit and feel is essential, especially as you want to minimise touching your mask and minimise having to continuously readjust it to fit.


Comfortable and breathable silk face masks with adjustable ear loops and filter pockets

All of our face coverings, whether cotton or silk, are considerately designed to follow the natural contours of your face. We've also added adjustable, elastic ear loops that have a sliding knot mechanism so you can simply tighten or loosen the elastic for your comfort.

Our masks are available in both Curved and Pleated styles because, as we have come to understand, it's a very personal preference as to which you prefer wearing.

Quality silk face coverings in lustrous gold

Regardless of whether you opt for the Pleated or Curved style, all of our masks are double layered and have an internal filter pocket to comprise triple layers.

Layering is important for breathability but also for the effectiveness of filtering out particles. As we have seen in the recent WHICH report, avoid synthetic material, single layers at all cost. However, too many layers and the mask becomes difficult to breathe in, which means that you'll be removing your mask and gasping for air at the earliest opportunity, thereby defeating the point of wearing a mask completely! After much testing and product development, we designed our double layered mask with an internal filter pocket to create the third layer. What's important here is the density of the materials and studies have shown that quality cotton and silk are effective in filtering out particles.

I wrote the other day about how I was fed up of seeing disposable masks littering the streets (you can read my rant here) and again, it's so important to stress that our reusable face coverings are washable. And, as the study shows, washing does not affect the hydrophobicity of silk. 

All of our face masks come with a matching storage pouch

All of our masks come with our signature, matching storage pouches so you can safely and hygienically store or carry your mask when not in use. During our initial design phase, we debated whether the pouches should be matching and, quite rightly, we decided that they should, as it makes for an easy grab-and-go item plus matching the mask and pouch is just too cute! Also, don't forget that our foldable shoes also come folded up in their matching purse, so this really is in keeping with our Cocorose style.

We didn't feel that it was right to profit from the sale of face masks throughout this sad and very challenging coronavirus time, so we've been donating profits from the sale of our face masks to The Honeypot Children’s Charity, which provides respite breaks for children who are full-time carers for their parents or siblings.

We've had the most wonderful comments and reviews for our face masks and I compiled a little blog post some time ago which highlighted some of our gorgeous Cocorosers wearing their masks. Have a look at that post here.

And finally, if you've managed to make it to the end of this mammoth post... congratulations and well done! 😊 I'll leave you now in peace to shop for your silk face mask!


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*  A laboratory-based study examining the properties of silk fabric to evaluate its potential as a protective barrier for personal protective equipment and as a functional material for face coverings during the COVID-19 pandemic

Adam F. Parlin, Samuel M. Stratton, Theresa M. Culley, Patrick A. Guerra
Published: September 18, 2020 -


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