Seeing You 'Cocorosing It' Makes My Day

Zella wearing her Clapham Pewter Cocorose Shoes | Foldable Leather Loafers

You have no idea how happy it makes me feel when I receive little messages and pictures from you in your Cocorose shoes and Cocorose face masks.

The other day, I received a lovely message from Cocoroser Zella, who said, "3 words... I ADORE THEM" and attached this wonderful picture of her wearing her foldable leather Clapham Pewter loafers.

Honestly, it's the little things like this that completely make our day over in Cocorose HQ. And yes, more often than not, at least one of us does a little dance!

Granted, it's exceptionally hard to beat that feeling, but when I'm out and about and just happen to spot a pair of Cocorose shoes randomly, that has to be up there with what is just so incredibly special.

I had a few sightings recently, including two pairs of Hoxton trainers and a pair of our Shoreditch Dalmatian loafers (remember those fabulous shoes?!).  

I spotted the Hoxton Burgundy Woven trainers in a London park whilst I was chasing after Elin, but I managed to get her to stand still for a couple of minutes so I could have a chat with lovely Laura, who said they're her go-to trainers and that she's also got a pair of the Farringdon Kissing Lips loafers and loves them!

The next Hoxton trainer spot was of the Gold with Black Stars. Again, in a park in London (you can see where I spend most of my time!) but this time, Elin was on her scooter. When I saw a flash of gold in the distance, Elin and I scooted towards it, although it took ages as we're not quite mobile on the scooter just yet. The silver lining is that it gave me the opportunity to stop and chat with Anna who told me that they're her 'happy shoes' and that she finds them 'SO incredibly comfortable - the most comfortable shoes I own!" I did a little dance right then and there.   

The Shoreditch Dalmatian loafers were spotted in Muswell Hill as I was frantically trying to catch up with Gareth and Elin, but I had to stop and have a little chat with Rita when I spotted these fabulous shoes. Rita told me that she loves the brand, has been a fan for years and has collected a number of Cocorose shoes as she just loves wearing them.

Helen wears her Cocorose Face Mask

I haven't spotted one of our Cocorose face masks whilst out and about just yet, but I have seen some lovely pictures that have been emailed in and put onto Instagram. All so gorgeous. As it's now mandatory to wear a face mask whilst travelling and using public transport, we might as well go for a stylish, comfortable and protective mask instead of a dull and boring one that doesn't even fit properly. And, for our own and others' safety, wearing a face mask whilst out and about in enclosed spaces, such as shopping or at the GP, is just polite and good manners. And this, along with continuing to be kind and helpful, is what will help us all get through these challenging times.

Thank you Cocorosers, and I'll continue to keep a look out for you when I'm out and about xx


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