Put your Best Foot Forward with Your 2020 New Year’s Resolutions

New Year, New Decade - 2020 New Year's Resolutions

It's the start of a new year - a new decade! - and we're encouraging you, our Cocorosers, to make good foot health your New Year’s resolution. Remember, your feet deserve as much love and care as the rest of your body!

Getting into a good healthcare routine for your feet now can help prevent foot problems later on. Sadly, we tend to take feet for granted, until pain or problems such as blisters or calluses develop.

We're encouraging our Cocorosers to make good foot health your New Year's Resolution
When chatting earlier, our founder, Janan, said, “Our feet account for 25% of the body’s bones, 18% of our joints and 6% of our muscles - staggering figures for two fairly small parts of the body.

“It’s imperative they’re well looked after, since doing damage to any part of the foot can cause serious harm to our bodies and can lead to life debilitating issues.”

Cocorose's Clapham Flats are Soft and Cushioned and they Protect Your Feet

One of the easiest ways to keep your feet looking and feeling fabulous is by adorning them in comfortable shoes that don’t pinch or cause blisters. Wearing uncomfortable shoes can have a negative effect on your personal well-being, body and health.

Janan continues, “Unfortunately, one of the main reasons people choose to wear uncomfortable shoes time and time again is because they feel under pressure to do so. That’s why at Cocorose London, we design shoes that look beautiful and are on-trend, but they also cushion and protect the feet. This enables women to keep up with the challenges of fast-paced, modern lifestyles.”

Here are some signs to look out for, which will indicate whether you need to change your shoes and opt for something that caresses and cares for your feet.

Don’t pop the bubble
We pride ourselves on designing shoes that don't cause blisters. The formation of a blister is a sign that the shoe is not suited to the shape of your foot. A stocking or sock may contribute to a blister build up but it’s more likely an indication that you need to choose a shoe that fits with the natural shape of your foot. If you do end up suffering from a blister, don’t pop it. The fluid filled bubble is protecting the skin underneath, thus preventing infection.

The curse of the corn
Uncomfortable shoes, or shoes that are too narrow, will lead to the creation of corns. Not only are these painful, they can take weeks to cure.

Your feet will fight back
The result of wearing ill-fitting shoes is likely to be unsightly calluses and bunions. This is a way of your feet fighting back against agonising footwear. Painful and unattractive bunions do not go away on their own but require surgical removal!

Two feet, one body, keep moving
Maintaining proper foot health will help to improve the movement of your body. Shoes that don’t fit properly have adverse effects on your overall health. For example, adjusting your gait to accommodate pain in the feet puts pressure on the back, hips, ankles and knees and will have an effect on the way you walk and move.

The difference with our Cocorose shoes is that they're designed to be stylish but also incredibly comfortable, as they're made from the softest, most supple leathers and cushioned footbeds. You can rest assured that the metatarsal and heels are especially well-protected and the shoes will work with the natural flow and movement of your feet - they’re so comfortable you don’t even need to break them in.

How To Hack 21st Century Lifestyles - foldable shoes
If you are have to be wearing heels for some part of the day, it’s a comfort to know that many of our shoes are not only chic, but also hybrids, which can fold into a compact travel purse. This makes them ideal for popping into handbags, travel cases and car glove compartments. There’s an accompanying shoulder bag, folded into the purse's back pocket, which is perfect for storing and carrying your removed high heels.

Janan conclude, “Shoes and health are linked more than you might think and it’s so important to respect that relationship. Wear shoes that fit well and look good. Choosing comfort certainly doesn't mean you have to compromise on style.”

If you’re tempted to strut your stuff in a pain-free pair of Cocoroses, then just click here to start discovering our innovative Cocorose foldable shoes.

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